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drill, drill machine, drilling machine [tech.] - Bohrmaschine

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drill, drilling machine



only drill is listed on two major dictionary web sites that comprise various
> searching for the other two items via google results in 100,000 vs 20,000 hits
> i.e. most suitable translation should be drill or drilling machine, but NOT drill machine
Authornic45601 Aug 05, 13:50
I believe I'm getting enough relevant google hits to justify the entry "drill machine".
#1AuthorDoris (LEO-Team)10 Nov 05, 09:08
I've never heard of "drill machine", and Google hits suggest it is more commonly used in USA (of over 71,000 hits only 476 come from .uk).

But it's certainly common enough to be in LEO :o)
#2AuthorFury (BE)10 Nov 05, 12:13
I think Fury is right. "Drill machine" sounds very foreign to me, but I'm English and I don't speak American!
#3AuthorJoe W10 Nov 05, 14:24
drill machine is certainly not common here in the US
#4AuthorRex10 Nov 05, 16:09
I never heard "drill machine" either. Sounds very strange.
#5AuthorMaria E. (ae)10 Nov 05, 19:20
Bei solchen Dingen hilft oft eine Google-Bildersuche. Und die offenbart vornehmlich Bilder von industriellen Bohrmaschinen -- fast keins von den Dingern, die man zuhause im keller hat.
Das könnte ein Grund für viele Google-Treffer trotz weitgehender Unbekanntheit beim gemeinen Volke sein. :-)
#6AuthorSophil10 Nov 05, 19:35
Ich bin nun kein Engslich-Muttersprachler, kenne aber drill machine als Ausdruck für im Grundbau eingesetzte "Boden-Bohrmaschinen".

So etwas z.B.:
#7AuthorUrs13 Nov 05, 10:30
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