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printer - Drucker

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Is "printer" also the correct term for the profession of "Drucker", as e.g. "Druckermeister"?
Authordan07 Apr 06, 12:42
The word printer is used to describe a company that provides commercial printing services, involving typesetting, printing and book-binding.

Formerly, it referred to persons who operated printing presses, or ran printing companies. Many of these people would today be referred to as publishers.

Someone who makes artistic prints, usually by hand in limited runs, is known as a printmaker.
#1AuthorFury (BE)07 Apr 06, 14:01
In the US at least, "printer" is the correct term for this occupation. "Press operator" is an alternative. These people would never use the word "publisher" to describe themselves.

"Printer" is also used to describe companies that do printing. The actual printing device, though, is a "press". Output devices for computers are "printers", of course.

@Fury: I would be interested in seeing a UK reference (or any reference) in which someone running a press is called a "publisher". That strikes me as very unusual.
#2AuthorGeorgeA (US)07 Apr 06, 17:23
@Fury: My apologies. I see that your Wikipedia link does in fact claim that people who were once called printers would now be called publishers.

This could, I suppose, be true for someone like Benjamin Franklin or perhaps Gutenberg. But in recent centuries, publishers have been distinct from printers.
#3AuthorGeorgeA (US)07 Apr 06, 17:28
The Wikipedia claim that printing press operators can also be called publishers is, in my opinion, nonsense.
#4Authorbadger27 Apr 06, 11:20

printer {person; machine}


der Drucker

noun a person whose job or
business is commercial

a machine for printing
text or pictures on to
paper, especially one
linked to a computer.
[New Oxford Dictionary of English]

1. a person or thing that prints, esp. a person whose occupation is printing.
2. Computers. an output device that produces a paper copy of alphanumeric or graphic data.
[Random House Webster's Unabridged

According to these two sources, a printer can be both -- a person and a device. Strangely, the dictionaries do not mention anything about a printer also being a company although I agree that this is also possible.
#5AuthorDoris (LEO-Team)14 Jul 06, 09:12
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