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    number plate Kfz Brit. - das Kennzeichen

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
    In the United Kingdom, all motor-powered road vehicles, including cars (but excepting the official cars of the reigning monarch) have had to carry registration plates (more commonly known as number plates) since 1904.
    common term in the UK
    VerfasserBobolito27 Dez. 06, 04:57
    Zur Einengung ist Kfz-Kennzeichen geeignet, was bereits in Leo ist als
    licenceBE plate number [autom.] das Kfz-Kennzeichen
    licenseAE plate number [autom.] das Kfz-Kennzeichen
    #2VerfasserUweN (238426) 27 Dez. 06, 10:11
    A.) The plainest meaning of _Kennzeichen_ in text is exactly as I'm suggesting here. In my experience, it is very often used without a prefixed "Kfz-".

    I'm thinking about the real-world user who sees this term in text and simply wants to know the everyday meaning of the word.

    B.) Werner, if you think Wikipedia's got credibility problems, why immitate their mistakes by asking for references to, ahem, "reputable" web sites to "substantiate new proposals".

    _We_ are your usage panel. LEO solicits input from the users. By and large, we're not stupid. Quite the opposite, most of us are keenly interested in language and make contributions drawn from our own experience that are obviously appropriate.
    #3VerfasserBobolissimo28 Dez. 06, 00:26
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    6 [usually pl.] the pieces of metal or plastic at the front and back of a vehicle with numbers and letters on it—see also L-plate, license plate, number plate

    (aus: Oxford Advacded Learner's Dictionary)
    Außerdem lernt man es auch so in der Schule...
    #4VerfasserML07 Nov. 07, 13:14
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