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    postmark - der Stempel

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    der Stempel, der Poststempel

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Under "Stempel", Muret-Sanders Großwörterbuch DE-EN has "(Poststempel) postmark"

    This is the best I could find in Duden:

    Stem|pel, der; ...:
    2. Abdruck eines Stempels (1): ... die Briefmarken sind durch einen S. entwertet; © 2000 Dudenverlag

    postmark noun a mark stamped on mail by the post office, cancelling the stamp and showing the date and place of posting. verb to mark (mail) in this way. Compare frank.

    Main Entry: 1post·mark
    Pronunciation: -"märk
    Function: noun
    : an official postal marking on a piece of mail; specifically : a mark showing the post office and date of mailing

    verb (franked, franking) to mark (a letter), either cancelling the stamp or, in place of a stamp, to show that postage has been paid.
    noun a franking mark on a letter.

    Main Entry: 3frank
    Function: noun
    1 ... : a mark or stamp on a piece of mail indicating postage paid

    Collins just has "frank" as a verb (stempeln).
    In Leo already:
    postmark der Poststempel
    cancelingAE device der Poststempel - Gerät [Philatelie]
    cancellingBE device der Poststempel - Gerät [Philatelie]
    showing today's post mark mit heutigem Poststempel

    See also related discussion: "stamp" - wie unterscheiden Muttersprachler d...

    A frank is also used instead of a stamp; don't know if there is another word in German for that? And is there a noun used in German from "Frankier-" which would fit better with the noun "frank" meaning a postmark?It doesn't seem to be Frankierung:

    Fran|kie|rung, die; -, -en: a) das Frankieren; b) Porto.
    Author CM2DD (236324) 30 Dec 06, 17:49
    This is an envelope with all of the stamps attached and is hand stamped with the ‘first day of issue’ postmark.

    The First Day Cover features both the stamps and Winnipeg postmark, issued in October 2004.

    Pre-print postage instead of using stamps or frank-marks;...

    The cutting which was sent to the paper was passed to Benn, who checked the frank on the envelope with the Post Office

    Finally got through - tracked the company down via the frank on the letter

    Was ist ein Stempel?
    Wird ein Brief bei der Post abgegeben, bekommt er einen Stempel. Damit wird die Briefmarke entwertet und festgehalten, wann und wo er eingeliefert wurde.
    #1AuthorCM2DD (236324) 30 Dec 06, 17:56
    Context/ examples
    Main Entry: 4frank
    Function: noun
    1 a : the signature of the sender on a piece of franked mail serving in place of a postage stamp b : a mark or stamp on a piece of mail indicating postage paid c : a franked envelope or cover
    2 : the privilege of sending mail free of charge
    Kann es sein, dass "frank" in der Bedeutung "(Post-)stempel" überwiegend BE-Verwendung ist? Aus dem AE ist mir "frank" eher in der Bedeutung "frankfurter" (Würtschen) geläufig.
    #2AuthorNorbert Juffa (unplugged)30 Dec 06, 18:09



    der Stempel, der Poststempel

    Context/ examples
    Franks: Written, hand-stamped, or imprinted markings on the face of the cover indicating that it is carried free of postage. Franking is usually limited to official government correspondence.

    Postmark: A mark put on envelopes or other mailing pieces showing the date and location of mailing.

    Cancellation: A mark placed on a stamp by a postal authority to show that it has been used.

    Cancellation: a mark made on a postage stamp to show that it has been used. (Oxford Dictionary of English)

    cancellation 3 : a mark made to cancel something (as a postage stamp)
    #3AuthorCM2DD (236324) 30 Dec 06, 18:11
    @Norbert - as you can see from the above, it seems franks are used on government correspondence; I wonder if it's the same in BE as I'm not that familiar with it, either, and it isn't used much by the Post Office. "Frank" is in Merriam-Webster, see above (somewhere!)
    #4AuthorCM2DD (236324) 30 Dec 06, 18:15
    Oh, thanks, CM2DD, you were ahead of me already.

    Just one note: Nothing related to 'franked' in this sense should be added without marking it BE; the AE equivalent is 'metered,' that is, having a stamp from a postage machine used to process large quantities of mail (usually in businesses), either an ink mark made or an adhesive sticker applied.

    I had a long New Entry thread entitled 'metered mail [AE], franked mail [BE] - freigestempelte Sendungen,' but I don't know if this link to it will work:

    OT: What's the code for the cgi script that converts the old date format into the new ID-number format? I could build a functional link myself if I could remember the syntax.

    The thread seems to have disappeared from the archive, though it's still available in a Google cache. I don't know if that means that Doris has already been through it and added some of the many suggestions in it, or if it's just one more of the many missing old threads.

    There are also other previous related discussions, e.g.,

    related discussion: Frankieren

    related discussion: metered - maschinenfrankiert

    *f5* Hi, Norbert, great minds ... (-; On a limited AE use, see my comment about members of Congress in the first thread above, if you can get to it.
    #5Authorhm -- us (236141) 30 Dec 06, 18:19
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