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    wallop - der Schlag, der Einschlag

    New entry

    wallop - der Schlag, der Einschlag

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Merriam Webster:

    Main Entry: 2wallop
    Function: noun
    Date: circa 1823

    1 a: a powerful blow : punch b: something resembling a wallop especially in suddenness of force c: the ability (as of a boxer) to hit hard2 a: emotional, sensory, or psychological force or influence : impact b: an exciting emotional response : thrill3British : beer
    bisher nur als Verb in LEO aufgeführt
    AuthorPaul02 Feb 07, 02:54
    I don't think that Einschlag is suitable - it suggests bombs or meteorites, which, though they might land with a wallop, wouldn't normally be considered as such.

    Schlag is fine as explanation, imo, but Watschen, or the other regional words for it, would be even better ,since wallop is a colloquial or slang term, and therefore ill-matched to Schlag
    #1Authorodondon irl02 Feb 07, 09:58
    Context/ examples
    Just found in a message today:

    United States: Rainstorm "wallops" New York City area, forces transit delays.
    NEW YORK (AP) Torrential rain flooded subways and rail lines and delayed flights early Wednesday at New York's three major airports and thousands of commuters were unable to get to work.
    So "Einschlag" does not really match here.
    Habe aber auch keinen besseren Vorschlag als "Watschen". "Schwer treffen, beuteln, heimsuchen, ...
    #2AuthorJoey08 Aug 07, 16:06
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