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dusted quality // shop-soiled - angestaubte Ware // angestaubt

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(del.) // shop-soiled (Brit.), shopworn (US)


(del.) // angestaubt

1) dusted quality

I could only find "dusted quality" in Mr Honey's Business Dictionary, dict.cc and so on. It makes no sense at all to me.

Quality is not obviously related to goods or dustiness.

Dusted means that the dust has been removed: you have dusted something, i.e. the opposite of "angestaubt".
dust, verb
1 to clean furniture, a room, etc. by removing dust from surfaces with a cloth: [v] I broke the vase while I was dusting. [vn] Could you dust the sitting room?
2 [vn, usually + adv. / prep.] to remove dirt from sb/sth/yourself with your hands or a brush: She dusted some ash from her sleeve.

2) shop-soiled

Leo has shop-soiled - angestaubt. According to Hamblock/Wessels GWB Wirtschaftsenglisch, that should be marked [Brit.] as the US version is "shopworn".

shop-soiled adj slightly dirty, faded or spoiled from being used as a display in a shop.

Main Entry: shop-soiled
Pronunciation: 'shäp-"soi(-&)ld
Function: adjective
British : SHOPWORN http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sho...
AuthorCM2DD (236324) 13 Feb 07, 08:39

shop-soiled (BE) shopworn (US)



agree - also did not know (and cannot find a reliable source for) dusted quality.
(Has CM2DD not provided enough sources or do we need more?)
#1AuthorConfused GB (268858) 13 Feb 07, 12:13
If we ignore the obvious shop connotations, there is a place and a time for the term 'dusted quality' in the meaning 'angestaubt' that is valid and useful:

The dark patches are a rich dark brown, with that same dusted quality - the exact walnut color that lowlights dried leaves

The photos coming in now from Afghanistan have a similar dusted quality of suspended life

where quality = Eigenschaft, and nicht Qualität

dusted quality: als ob mit Staub gepudert = angestaubt

one might argue whether 'angestaubt' is the best German phrase, since it implies something shoddy, but then again, the second example I found above does expressly conjure up this picture.

If it were possible to flag this with, say, [fig.] I'd see no reason to ban it!
#2Authorodondon irl13 Feb 07, 12:22
The trouble with the current entry, though, odondon, is that it says:

dusted quality - angestaubte Ware

which just doesn't fit, unless you said something like "dusted-quality goods" (not that I would say that!)

Leo has some entries for "dust" in the meaning you mention:

dust 2 to sprinkle something with a substance in powder form. http://www.chambersharrap.co.uk/chambers/feat...

to dust abstauben
to dust streuen
to dust überpudern
to dust off abstauben
to dust off abwischen
to dust off wegwischen
to dust over überpudern

... from which you could work out what a dusted finish, dusted quality, dusted look, etc. are. I don't think any of these need their own entry, but I agree that another entry for "dusted" as an adjective would be useful. I don't think "anstauben"/"angestaubt" fit in this context either, though, as they mean to collect dust, not to deliberately add it to something:

an|stau|ben : ein wenig staubig werden: Wäsche, leicht angestaubt, billig abzugeben; angestaubte Bücher.
© 2000 Dudenverlag

#3AuthorCM2DD (236324) 13 Feb 07, 12:55
sorry CM2DD- I'd overseen the 'Ware' bit - in this case I am in agreement that the entry should be removed or corrected.

and I agree that this strongly suggests including a further entry for 'dusted'

I think that überpudern rather neatly catches the English flavour.
#4Authorodondon irl13 Feb 07, 13:10
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