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to accept [tech.] - aufnehmen - Strom

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to draw (current)


aufnehmen - Strom

"to draw current" ist ein gebräuchlicher Ausdruck, der mit "Strom ziehen" sogar eine wörtliche deutsche Entsprechung hat.
"to accept current" habe ich dagegen noch nie gelesen oder gehört.
AuthorGearloose (333906) 25 May 07, 21:15
support Gearloose.

"to accept" would mean that the circuit gracefully accepted the 9 volts offered by the battery. (if one were to say that the circuit supports to be powered off a 9V source, the "accept" is permissible, but the meaning is quite different)
#1AuthorBen (.ch) (320541) 28 May 07, 19:11

A circuit may 'draw a current of n A', 'take a current of n A', 'require a current of n A', induce a current', 'generate a current', 'carry a current' etc etc.

Being an engineer I have never heard of a circuit 'accepting a current'.

Stromaufnahme = current draw
#2AuthorB29 May 07, 16:58
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