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to argue against sth. - gegen etw. sprechen

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to argue against sth.


sich gegen etwas aussprechen

Man spricht nicht gegen etwas, sondern man spricht sich gegen etwas aus. [Und für die Redewendung 'etwas spricht gegen etwas' ist to argue nicht passend).
Einen Eintrag für das Gegenstück gibt es bereits: to argue for sth. - sich für etw. aussprechen
AuthorUweN (238426) 01 Sep 07, 12:35
Context/ examples
web examples:
• The Party's declining membership also argues against its success.
• We can only guess, but the presence of this type of bone in so many different lines argues against repeated mutation.
• The feature's small size argues against its being the result of faulting.
• Perhaps in the end it is this emphasis on the ineffability of visual art that argues against its reduction to ...
• Our discussion of historical and contemporary developments within Southeast Asia argues against hasty dismissals of alternative modes of security management.
• In an already asphyxiated child, the 3 or 4 min required for maximum relaxation after 4 mg/kg argues against its use ...
• There is nothing in the memorandum that argues against further horseshoe crab harvest measures.
• Bush['s] using the Hipster argues against its effectiveness doesn't it?
• This image argues against further war with France to avoid bankrupting the British treasury and exposing England itself to invasion.
• This is reassuring for patients and providers and argues against repeated diagnostic work-ups to look for organic disease.
>>für die Redewendung 'etwas spricht gegen etwas' ist to argue nicht passend

I thought that was exactly what this entry was referring to, not a person but a thing or a fact.

You may be right that it would be clearer to add an example sentence.
#1Authorhm -- us (236141) 01 Sep 07, 16:44
... or, on second thought, maybe what would help is a [fig.] tag. The fact or observation doesn't literally speak or argue, does it?
#2Authorhm -- us (236141) 01 Sep 07, 16:47
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