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breite internationale Beachtung

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received widespread international respect

Examples/ definitions with source references
Seine Ergebnisse finden breite internationale Beachtung und werden bereits in zahlreichen geophysikalisch und ozeanographisch ausgerichteten Untersuchungen verwendet.

His findings have been very well received internationally and are already being applied in numerous geophysical and oceanographic studies.

It seems a bit odd saying "received widespread international respect" and none of the usual translations for Beachtung really seems to fit. Does my proposed translation of the whole sentence work OK?
AuthorDW (EN) (241915) 11 Oct 07, 14:54
International acclaim, perhaps?
#1AuthorTOM11 Oct 07, 15:00
You could use "acclaim," in this context, couldn't you?
#2AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Oct 07, 15:00
Hi Tom! Wir haben uns ein Synchronpunkt verdient :-))
#3AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Oct 07, 15:01
Seine Forschungsergebnisse sind auf internationaler Basis positiv aufgenommen worden und werden breits in zahlreichen…xxxx… angewandt.

#4AuthorIrish_Elk (360604) 11 Oct 07, 15:02

widespread international attention


breite internationale Beachtung

Context/ examples
His findings attract widespread international attention
I'm not sure that 'Beachtung' is that positive so would have doubts about 'aclaim' and 'respect'
#5AuthorMouse11 Oct 07, 15:12
Thanks! I think acclaim probably works best too :-)

Why did you correct the German original Irish_Elk?
#6AuthorDW (EN) (241915) 11 Oct 07, 16:04
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