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    proximally - ungefähr, etwa, ca.

    New entry

    proximally adv. - ungefähr, etwa, ca.

    It is proximally 10 mm to short.
    Umgangssprache.. (brit.)
    AuthorAddi13 Jan 06, 11:53
    not supported.

    even the scantiest research would have shown, that proximally and approximately (which was probably meant here) have distinct meanings, and that proximally doesn't mean etwa, ungefähr, or anything like.
    #1Authorodondon irl13 Jan 06, 12:09
    Proximally has to do with location. Approximately has to do with estimation, and would be ungefähr, etwa, and ca.
    #2AuthorJason26 Feb 06, 21:30
    proximal hat ja u.a. auch die anatomische Bedeutung "in Richtung des Rumpfes gelegen". könnte passen?
    #3Authorandi26 Feb 06, 23:29
    #4AuthorUwe27 Feb 06, 09:28
    Agree with odondon. Addi must have misheard "approximately"; "proximally" couldn't be used in the sentence he provided and certainly isn't British slang. "Approximately" does sound a bit like "proximally" when spoken quickly.

    BTW it should also be "too" short.

    prox•imal /prksIml; NAmE prk/ adj. (anatomy) located towards the centre of the body
    #5AuthorArchfarchnad -gb-27 Feb 06, 09:30
    (Anatomy) situated nearer to the centre of the body or the point of attachment: "the proximal end of the forearm". The opposite of "distal".
    (Geology) relating to or denoting an area close to a centre of a geological process such as ... volcanism.
    Oxford Dict. of Eng.

    pro|xi|mal <Adj.> [zu lat. proximus= der nächste] (Med.): dem zentralen Teil eines Körpergliedes bzw. der Körpermitte zu gelegen: Die Veränderungen sind im -en Segment des Dickdarms manchmal herdförmig angeordnet (DÄ 47, 1985, 45).
    © 2000 Dudenverlag
    #6AuthorArchfarchnad -gb-27 Feb 06, 09:36
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt