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    Tom zool. Amer. - der Truthahn, der Puter

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    • The wild turkey is native to Northern Mexico and the Eastern United States.
    • The male turkey is called a tom.
    • The female turkey is called a hen.
    Hen vs. Tom
    Turkeys weighing 8-16 pounds are usually female hens, while larger birds are male toms. Since supermarket turkeys are slaughtered at a young age—under 28 weeks old—both hens and toms are about the same in terms of taste, juiciness, and tenderness. Buy a turkey based on weight and don't worry about sex.
    A male turkey is called a Tom or sometimes called a Gobbler, and a female turkey is called a Hen. In wild turkeys males and females can be told apart by the breast feathers. Males' breast feathers have black tips, females are brown. The domestic turkeys must be artificially bred, where as wild turkeys will breed on their own. For a wild turkey the breeding season is in March and April.
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Tom, nickname for Thomas
    Date: 1762
    1: the male of various animals: as a: tomcat b: a male turkey
    Habe festgestellt, dass der Ausdruck "Tom" fuer den Truthahn in Leo anscheinend noch fehlt. Vielleicht ganz hilfreich fuer diejenigen, die demnaechst nach "Thanksgiving" Rezepten schauen (oder gar selbst einen erlegen wollen)
    Authorbollie (377832) 29 Oct 07, 20:58
    Context/ examples
    Mature male turkey (tom) in full display

    Initially, she just noticed one large male turkey — a tom.

    In the United States, the male is referred to as a tom, whilst in Europe, the male is a stag.
    Schreibt man Tom nun aber groß oder klein?
    #1Authorholger (236115) 29 Oct 07, 21:14
    Denke klein, vermute in dem einen Artikel sollte es nur hervorgehoben werden. Gestehe, dass ich da einen "kleinen" Fehler gemacht habe ( vorschnelles Abschicken). Soll nicht wieder vorkommen!
    #2Authorbollie (377832) 29 Oct 07, 21:37
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt