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    full textil. - walken

    Examples/ definitions with source references

    Dictionary: full

    The mills came into the ownership of the Olivers, along with Exwick Manor House in the17th Century. In the 1780's Banfill and Granger purchased the house and several acres of farmland when the last of the Olivers died, and proceeded to create an industrial complex to process wool into cloth, using the Lower Mill for fulling the cloth. Dye and Washing Houses were built near the leat to provide plenty of water and workshops, rack fields, spinning shops and houses for the factories workers spread up the hill. Jenkins described the complex thus:

    Dictionary: full

    This link seems to indicate that "full" is American (not British) usage. Apparently, however, "full" is also used in this context in the UK.

    Comments welcome.
    Author Nick Nack (141965) 01 Nov 07, 14:18
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    full  adj.voll
    to churn  | churned, churned |walken  | walkte, gewalkt |
    fulling [TEXTIL.]das Walken  no plural
    full-level recording made on the instrument [ELEC.]die Vollpegeleigenaufnahme   [Acoustics]
    the full monty (Brit.)das volle Programm
    full to burstingbrechend voll
    a full description ofeine vollständige Beschreibung von
    Dann wäre es kein neuer Eintrag sondern nur ein Änderungsvorschlag:

    to full (Amer.) [textil.] - walken
    to mill (Brit.) [textil.] - walken
    to tumble - walken
    Dictionary: walken
    #1Authorholger (236115) 01 Nov 07, 15:07
    Would we call a 'fuller' (someone who shrank the newly-woven cloth) a 'Walkenmann'?
    #2AuthorTy01 Nov 07, 15:38
    Ein fuller ist dann wohl wahrscheinlich ein Walker?

    Mir ist allerdings nicht klar, was die Gleichung

    Walker - fulling

    im leo-dictionary bedeutet.
    #3AuthorQM202 Nov 07, 09:24

    holger: Hinweis gerne gelesen.

    related discussion: Falsche Eintrag

    Wie man Änderungsvorschläge besser einbringen kann erfahre ich ebenso gerne.
    #4AuthorNick Nack (141965) 04 Nov 07, 15:20
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt