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    barrier free - barrierefrei

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    These websites and context -
    Barrier Free Facilities http://members.aol.com/skyranch1/index.html#L...
    Power Doors at every building and cabin
    Height adjustable tables and work benches
    Remote control operation of cabin lights and appliances
    Paved Road and Hard Packed Nature Trails
    Accessible Playground
    Call Buttons at every cabin and campsite
    Power Backup at selected campsites and cabins
    Barrier Free Employers. Practical Guide for Employment Accommodation for People with ... Welcome to Barrier Free Employers, the Canadian Human Rights ...
    Auditory prompts for most equipment
    Roll-in Unisex showers
    The suggestions in the forum just manage to miss the point - check out "barrier-free" in google. Barrier free means accessible for everyone - including giving understandable explanations on websites so that normal people can use them without any expert knowledge
    Verfassermpdo16 Mai 06, 17:17




    Kontext/ Beispiele
    Guide to barrier-free access
    The following guide has been produced by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority to provide information about access opportunities in the Yorkshire Dales for visitors who are wheelchair users, less mobile or have young children.

    What Does 'Barrier Free' Mean in Monmouthshire ?
    Routes, without steps, stiles and all those unecessary added barriers that make getting around difficult.
    Suitable for all the family including many disabled people. http://www.sirfynwy.gov.uk/Monmouth/English/E...

    Barrier-free presentation that is friendly to colorblind people http://www.biomed.cam.ac.uk/gradschool/curren...

    Barrier Free Design

    Making home and community environments accessible and livable
    There are frequent barriers in everyday environments that can hinder a disabled person's ability to function optimally. These may be stairs that are no longer negotiable, a bathtub that has become difficult to get in and out of, or space that does not allow freedom of movement from a wheelchair. These are just a few of many environmental problems that the Barrier-Free Design Service can help to solve. http://www.med.nyu.edu/rusk/services/barrier/...

    The new equipment is designed to be barrier-free, promoting play for all children, including those with physical challenges http://www.innovations.harvard.edu/news/64661.html

    Barrier-free Information Technology
    Barrier-free Web Design

    Zugang oder Benützung ohne Hindernis für Menschen mit unterschiedlichen Behinderungen. http://www.wien.gv.at/ma57/sprache/gloss.html

    Der Begriff »barrierefrei« wird heute synonym zur Einhaltung verschiedenster Kriterien im Zusammenhang mit dem Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz und der Barrierefreie Informationstechnik-Verordnung (BITV) des Bundesinnenministeriums und des Bundesministeriums für Arbeit und Sozialordnung verwendet. http://www.i-con.de/barrierefreiheit.html

    Einfach gesagt: "Die Kunst, Webseiten so zu gestalten, dass jeder sie nutzen und lesen kann". Beim Erstellen von Webseiten wird leider oft nicht berücksichtigt, dass viele Menschen körperliche Einschränkungen haben. Dann entstehen Barrieren, die den Zugang zu Informationen im Internet unüberwindbar machen. http://www.klenk-services.de/glossar.shtml
    Late response, I know, but supported. Seems to have caught on in the UK and US at least, in both meanings.
    #1VerfasserCM2DD (236324) 16 Nov. 07, 10:54
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