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    Translation correct?

    wie alt werden Sie werden - how old will you go to become

    Source Language Term

    wie alt werden Sie werden


    how old will you go to become

    es geht um die Überschrift eines Tests welcher am Ende das voraussichtliche Lebensalter, das man erreichen wird, bekannt gibt
    Authorrakky13 Nov 07, 08:40
    Your translation is not English. A grammatical version of your sentence would be: How old are you going to become?

    But no one would say that. They would say: How long are you going to live.

    Jonathan Swift noted: All men want to live long, but no man wants to be old.
    In German people say: Alle wollen alt werden, keiner will alt sein.
    #1Authorescoville (237761) 13 Nov 07, 08:47

    How old you'll grow to be


    Wie alt werden Sie werden

    Context/ examples
    is there a site to see when you'll die?
    like you answer questions about your life and then it gives you how old you'll grow to be.. Answers: heres one Other Answers:
    Kann man auch sagen
    #2AuthorEnglishman in Germanland13 Nov 07, 08:50
    I can also support the suggestion of Englishman in Germanland
    #3Authorescoville (237761) 13 Nov 07, 08:55

    What age will you reach?



    Noch ein sinngemäßer Vorschlag.
    #4Authorflipper13 Nov 07, 09:10
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