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    Tombstoning Elek. Amer. - Grabstein-Effekt

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    Manhatten effect



    Where chip components stick up from the PCB (Printed circuit Board) from 10 to up to 90 degrees after the Reflow/wave soldering.

    This term is used in Electronics production
    VerfasserJACK27 Jun. 06, 07:24
    English Tombstoning/Manhatten effect

    German Grabstein-Effekt

    (filled out the form wrong)

    #1VerfasserJACK27 Jun. 06, 07:32
    @JACK: Manhatten??
    "Bitte belegen Sie Ihren Vorschlag mit Wörterbuchdefinitionen oder Kontextbeispielen...Für weitere Hinweise lesen Sie bitte auch diesen Forumsartikel: related discussion."
    #2VerfasserMerl27 Jun. 06, 12:07


    Elek. Amer. -


    Tombstoning (also known as Mahatten Effect,drawbridging or stonehenging) can be defined as the raising of one end, or standing up, of a leadless component from the solder paste.

    Der Grabsteineffekt (engl. Tombstone Effect) Dabei stellen sich vor allem kleine, meist zweipolige Bauelemente aufgrund der Oberflächenspannung des Lötzinns einseitig auf, der zweite Kontakt ist dann nicht verlötet.
    #3VerfasserJACK30 Jun. 06, 05:59
    Das muß wohl besser belegt werden, auch wenn es richtig ist. Folgende Wikipedia-Links sind nur als Anfang und zur Information gedacht:

    "Der Grabsteineffekt (engl. Tombstone Effect oder Tombstoning) ist in der Elektrotechnik ein häufiger Fehler beim Reflow-Löten von SMD-Bauteilen. ....."

    "Tombstoning is a term in the chip soldering industry describing a situation wherein a soldering defect causes a chip component to stand up on end (like a tombstone), leaving one end soldered to the board and the other end free. It is caused during the reflow soldering process where non-uniform melting causes an unbalanced force to be applied to the chip from the solder."
    (dort weitere Bedeutungen des Begriffs)

    Was soll eigentlich "Manhatten" und "Mahatten" heißen?
    #4Verfasserholger01 Jul. 06, 03:31

    I don't really understand what your trying to say.

    If I had not included "(also known as Mahatten Effect,drawbridging or stonehenging)" than there would be no problem?
    #5VerfasserJACK03 Jul. 06, 05:29
    So what about your second suggestion in the uppermost yellow box? The correct spelling is "Manhattan"!

    And the LEO-Team requests reliable sources for new entries --- which are still missing.
    #6Verfasserholger03 Jul. 06, 05:44

    Extremely sorry holger, I'm ashamed to have made that mistake.
    I'll get back to you with some links.
    #7VerfasserJACK03 Jul. 06, 06:18
    @JACK: I don't know whether your last contribution was serious or sarcastic - but anyway...:

    - The LEO-Team will *not* process suggestions that aren't backed by an adequate number of reliable ("serious") sources.

    - The LEO-Team will *not* research such suggestions (because they don't have enough people to do that).

    - In other words: a suggestion that lacks those sources will never make it into the dictionary - regardless of its value, its correctness, its importance or whatever.

    So, if you submit a suggestion without a reasonable number of reliable sources backing it, you're wasting time - to some extent mine and that of other readers, but most of all your own time, since writing always takes more time than reading.
    #8VerfasserUlrich0503 Jul. 06, 17:45

    I take it that you took it sarcasticly. Sorry, It was not meant to sound that way.
    I was ashamed that I misspelled Manhatan. Here are a few links. If anything else is required, Let me know. (Somehow I get the feeling that you don't like me. Why?)
    www.stannol.de/Katalog/RZ Stannol 16-Seiter.pdf -
    Best regards

    #9VerfasserJACK03 Jul. 06, 19:35
    First of all: it is not true that I don't like you. My posting may have sounded a bit "harsh" because yes, I was indeed under the impression that your response to Holger was meant sarcastically.
    However, the message I wanted to convey - not only to you, but also to others who are possibly reading this thread and who are thinking about posting a suggestion in "NEW ENTRY" - is that it simply does not make sense to post a suggestion without an adequate number of sources backing it, as suggestions without such sources won't be processed by the LEO team due to workforce limitations.

    It was not meant personal and I certainly did not want to insult you or make you feel bad in any other way.
    #10VerfasserUlrich0504 Jul. 06, 16:37
    No problem.
    Forgive and forget.
    About the info and the links I gave you. Was that enough., and should I have first
    entered this in another thread? I am not new to Leo, but new to the forum. So let me know.
    #11VerfasserJACK04 Jul. 06, 19:45
    I am not a "LEO official" (I'm just a user like you are).

    For that reason I can't tell you whether your links are sufficient. However, I personally think that the chances of your suggestion to be processed (i.e. to be transferred to the LEO dictionary) are 100 percent better now.

    To make an assessment yourself, you might want to read through this thread which deals with the "requirements" for "NEW ENTRY" contributions:
    related discussion or http://tinyurl.com/emkwh

    BTW: you are aware that your second link does not lead to any web page related to the topic? You might want to take a look at http://tinyurl.com/ to fix this problem.
    #12VerfasserUlrich0505 Jul. 06, 06:35
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