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    Translation correct?

    sich deklaratorisch einbinden lassen - be integrated ???

    Source Language Term

    sich deklaratorisch einbinden lassen


    be integrated ???

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Servlet-Filter lassen sich deklaratorisch über diesen Deployment Descriptor in die Verarbeitungskette des Requests einer Anwendung einbinden.
    Servlet filters can be ???deklaratorisch??? integrated into the processing chain of the request for an application using this Deployment Descriptor.

    I have no idea what deklaratorisch is meant to mean here.

    declaratory level

    all sound so stilted (even wrong). Is there a simpler way of saying this in German.
    AuthorMaC18 Jan 08, 22:50
    MaC - This is just a guess - but it sounds to me like you have to first "declare" the Servlet filter, which is then integrated into the process chain of an application request via the Deployment Description - ergibt das ein Sinn?
    #1AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jan 08, 23:18
    wie ware es mit 'by means of a declaration' oder einfach 'with a declaration'

    Ich nehme mal an, das 'deklaratorisch' bezieht sich auf den aus C-aehnlichen Sprachen bekannten Unterschied zwischen Deklaration und Definition, oder?
    #2AuthorSimon A. (367790) 19 Jan 08, 00:28
    Thanks to both of you. Yes, I think you're both on the right track. Your suggestions make a lot of sense in the context of my text. Danke nochmals!
    #3AuthorMaC19 Jan 08, 00:43
    The translation needed is declaratively (although it makes my hair stand on end). We are using IT jargon here - declarative simply means that something happens when you mention it, as opposed to procedural, where things happen in a particular order.

    "The deployment descriptor permits servlet filters to be declaratively integrated into the processing sequence of the application request", or in better English but less accurately translated: "Appropriate declarations in the deployment descriptor enable servlet filters to be bound to the application request"

    The other answers are almost, but not exactly correct. Although C knows the difference between declaring a variable (so that the name of the variable is known across modules and can therefore be accessed by them) and defining it (where it receives its value), this is not the correct context. Here the servlet filter is also instantiated via the declaration in the deployment descriptor and bound into the application request.
    #4AuthorComputerGuy16 Jun 10, 13:33
    Double post: Discussion has been deleted
    #5AuthorKinkyAfro (587241) 16 Jun 10, 16:27
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