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to argue

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streiten / argumentieren

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We can argue that this text has an argumentative structure.
= Wir können argumentieren, daß dieser Text eine argumentative Struktur hat?
A word that severely puzzles me. I know that an argument is a quarrel, whereas "ein Argument" is a reason for your opinion; we often use "Argumente" in order to avoid an argument.
So far, so good. But if I proceed to the verb, I totally lose ground. Can "to argue" mean "to reason" or not? If not, what else is correct for "to give a reason for an opinion"?
AuthorStephan Popp29 Apr 02, 14:11
yes - you have got it right. To argue can indeed mean to reason, to put one's case forward or to quarrel, depending on the context.
#1AuthorBen (London)29 Apr 02, 14:22
@Stephan: Der Unterschied geht aber aus dem Kontext immer klar hervor. In der Bedeutung "streiten" folgt nämlich immer die Präposition "with someone"!
#2AuthorBettina28 Apr 07, 17:39

"Stop arguing, please!"

"Hör bitte auf zu streiten!"

Kein "with" hier irgendwo zu sehen, also verbreite nicht so falsche Aussagen.
#3Authorblafasel05 Nov 09, 00:43
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