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    Translation correct?

    to put the cybosh on sth. - etwas endgültig einen Riegel vorschieben

    Source Language Term

    to put the cybosh on sth.


    etwas endgültig einen Riegel vorschieben

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    I read this phrase in John Farman's "The very bloody history of Britain - without the boring bits", a funny history book which gives a birdeye perspective on Britain's history from the Stone Age to the time of post-war Britain.

    In that context, Farman writes that Prince George (the later King George III) had plans to get married to one of his many mistresses but gave up on that idea because Parliament made it very clear to him "that it would put the cybosh on ever becoming King."
    I think that I am aware that the phrase is colloquial to use. My question would relate more to the meaning of the single word "cybosh."
    AuthorOlaf Peuss05 Feb 03, 11:40
    American Heritage Dict.
    kibosh - Informal. A checking or restraining element: had to put the kibosh on a poorly conceived plan [origin unknown]
    Merriam Webster's says the same and gives 'kybosh' as a chiefly British variant.
    Maybe you can find some interesting references on the net using these spelling variants.
    #1AuthorNancy05 Feb 03, 12:08

    to put the kibosh on sthg.


    jmdm den Garaus machen

    In Alfred H. Holt's "Phrase and Word Origins" [New York: Dover Publications] I found s.v . "kibosh" the following : A Mr. Loewe, who ought to know wrote to N. & Q. ["Notes and Queries"] that this is a Yiddish word formed from four consonants, representing eighteen-pence. When at a small auction, an eager bidder jumped his offer to eighteen pence, he was said to have "put the kibosh" on his fellow-bidders. B.&L. [Barrère and Leland, "Dictionary of Slang"] may have confused it with "bosh" in explalning it as "nonsense, rubbish." In 1836 it appeared as "kye-bosk," in 1856 Dickens used it, but it had not by 1891 become sufficiently naturalized to divest itself of quotation marks. ---
    The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations [Major New Edition] has one entry with the word "kibosh" , "Belgium put the kibosh on the Kaiser", title of a song. (1914).
    By the way, one of the German equivalents of "put the kibosh on sthg." is "vermasseln". a Yiddish word, derived from "massel", "Glück."
    #2AuthorHajo05 Feb 03, 22:35
    kibosh= Blödsinn

    put the kibosh on= ein Ende machen, erledigen
    #3Authorxyz05 Feb 03, 23:08
    Context/ examples
    to put the Kybosh on sth.
    Would ruin the chances of something happening...
    Would bring the chances of something happening to an end

    Eg. I was going to have a BBQ, but the bad weather put the kybosh on that idea.
    #4AuthorSteve17 Aug 07, 14:49
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