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    Translation correct?

    mitigation of geopolitical tensions - Abflauen der geopolitischen Spannungen

    Source Language Term

    mitigation of geopolitical tensions


    Abflauen der geopolitischen Spannungen

    I am not sure whether "mitigation" is the right word or whether there is another standard phrase (the German is the original!) Thanks for any comments!
    AuthorClaudia F. 22 Jul 03, 10:48

    easing of tensions


    Abflauen von Spannungen

    "easing of tensions" is a standard phrase.
    I think "mitigation" is OK, though.
    #1AuthorFelix Pahl06 Aug 03, 09:15
    For me, mitigation has more of an "active" taste to it, i.e. there's someone / something who / which mitigates. The German "abflauen" on the contrary I perceive to have a meaning like "es flaute ab, einfach so, ohne bestimmte Ursache". Am I on the wrong track here?
    #2AuthorPh.D.06 Aug 03, 09:41
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