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to play ball [sport.] [Amer.] - Baseball spielen

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Examples/ definitions with source references
sorry; did not find any... will keep browsing the internet...
As far as I know, Americans refer to playing Baseball just with to play ball, analog to ballpark = Baseballpark

What do you think?

AuthorSage N. Fer Get K.S.C. (382314) 27 Feb 08, 15:52
Context/ examples
Join America at Play : Play Ball!
America's national pastime, baseball in some form has been played in this country almost since the first settlers arrived. Although it possibly evolved from an English game, baseball is now thought of as a uniquely American sport.
2 Minuten Internetsuche... genug solcher Beispiele und ich wuerde es unterstuetzen.
#1AuthorMausling (384473) 27 Feb 08, 16:06
"To play ball" doesn't supplant "to play baseball." I *think* that a group of baseball players would say among themselves, "It's nice outside. Let's go play ball" or "I played ball with them for 14 seasons." If my friends called me up and said, "Do you want to play ball?" I would answer, "Do you mean baseball?" I'm not into sports, I should add. I wouldn't say that Americans "just" say "to play ball," because I am an American and I don't. I would support this entry as a slang/informal term. Note that the context of Mausling's link is fun and entertaining. I think that in formal writing you would write "to play baseball" and use "to play ball" as an occasional alternative.
#2AuthorStrawberry (US)27 Feb 08, 18:19
To play ball also means to play along, to get with the game and not "querschiessen". I don't support the entry, since I think it is not specific enough usage. When we play football or basketball with friends, we also "play ball" or "play some ball". Context would tell you which sport is meant.
#3AuthorSelkie (236097) 28 Feb 08, 12:50
To play ball im Sinne von to play baseball wird am 2. Juni 2008 in der New York Times Beilage der Süddeutschen Zeitung verwendet, Artikel beschäftigt sich allerdings offensichtlich mit Baseball (wobei auch häufig auf Soccer verwiesen wird)
#4Authorcanadaiglu27 Nov 08, 11:46
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