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    precisely tailored



    Das Wort kriegt Thausende von Googles, findet man aber in keinem online (oder offline) Worterbuch. Quellen dafür aber, kann ich nicht geben - ich meine das ist von Bedeutung her sowieso für Deutsch Muttersprachler selbstverständlich (weniger so für English Muttersprachler).
    Verfasserjez a <gb>22 Mär. 04, 10:49
    passgenau hab ich auch gehört, aber warum nimmst du nicht "maßgeschneidert"?
    #1Verfasserhein22 Mär. 04, 14:03
    hi hein, ich suche aber bestätigung von der Englische Übersetzung!
    Dann würde ich das auch als Vorschlag fürs Worterbuch eintragen.
    #2Verfasserjez a <gb>29 Mär. 04, 07:56
    "Precisely tailored" sounds fine to me. "A tailored fit" may be another solution if you can work it into the translation.
    #3Verfassernat. speaker us29 Mär. 04, 09:26
    My slight reservation about the English is that precise tailoring or sizing is a process that precedes something's being "passgenau" or being a perfect fit/match.
    #4VerfasserAnne(gb)29 Mär. 04, 14:32
    It seems we are back with the problem of distinguishing readymade, made-to-measure and tailormade gent's clothing. Maybe not, but if we are then:-
    readymade=off the peg,offered for sale as a completely made up suit,if it fits or fits with a few minor alterrations buy it.
    made-to-measure= you chose a cloth from a selection of cloths ,more likely small cloth samples and a style from a limited choice of styles,double/single breast. The person in the shop who is a salesman not a tailor takes your measurements and notes your choice of style sends this information to a clothing factory where one person will cut the cloth,another make the jacket another the trousers and so one. When the suit is made, back it goes to the shop for you to pick up and try on; any necessary alterations are usually done locally.You never see a tailor in the whole process.
    tailormade=an experienced tailor takes your measurements, cuts the cloth and you call for a fitting after each stage of the suit being manufactured,much like a woman having a dress made.For such a suit your talking,as the Americans would say'big,big bucks'.
    AE has another name for each of these three methods.
    My apologies if I have gone off topic.
    #5VerfasserJGMcI29 Mär. 04, 18:05
    It's not used literally, it's used metaphorically (seemingly also in the vast majority of Googles), so the details of tailoring aren't so relevant. I just hadn't come across it, didn't find it in any dictionaries, and was surprised to find it getting so many Googles - I'll post it as a proposed new entry.
    #6Verfasserjez a <gb>29 Mär. 04, 22:02
    I'm not sure this is ready for a New Entry yet. For one thing, the adjective 'tailored' alone in connection with clothing style often has a slightly different meaning: classic, elegant, simple, as opposed to fussy or showy. And for another, several of the first web examples that turn up don't even seem to refer to clothing at all.

    If 'passgenau' describes something that fits extremely well, what about rephrasing to something like 'fits like a glove'? A cliché, but possibly useful. Or 'close-fitting,' 'precisely engineered'?

    But if it's more about style than fit, it could be more toward 'sleek' or 'streamlined' design, or yet some other sense. Again, just a few example sentences for your target context(s) would be helpful.
    #7Verfasserhm -- us29 Mär. 04, 22:37
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