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    Translation correct?

    dezentralen Verteilung - distributed distribution

    Source Language Term

    dezentralen Verteilung


    distributed distribution

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Es spiegelt – wie die Verteilung der naturhistorischen Forschungsmuseen – das Föderalismus-Prinzip der Bundesrepublik wieder und ist damit ein Kompromiss zwischen dem Streben nach einer zentralen, kostengünstigen Einrichtung und der dezentralen Verteilung der Forschungssammlungen und ihrer Fachexpertise.

    This reflects – in much the same way as the distribution of the natural history museums in Germany that are also involved in research – the principle of federalism that applies in Germany, and is thus a compromise between the aspiration to have a central facility that is most cost-effective and distributed collections of research specimens and expertise.
    Given that "dezentral" is noramlly "distributed", the Verteilung becomes rather superfluous, doesn't it?
    AuthorDW (EN) (241915) 18 Mar 08, 15:10
    Du hast Recht, dezentrale Verteilung ist doppelt
    Vielleicht wäre "dezentrale Lage" besser gewesen.

    "Collections" ist ok?
    #1Authorreinhard de upl18 Mar 08, 15:17
    I'd have thought it was decentralised or local, especially in this case where it is supposed to be the opposite to centralised
    #2AuthorHZ18 Mar 08, 15:29
    Ja, sorry, hab versäumt zu erwähnen, dass es geht hier im ganzen Text um collections geht, wie aus andere heutige Fragen hervorgehen mag.
    #3AuthorDW (EN) (241915) 18 Mar 08, 15:30
    No, they're not local, they're spread around the country at various locations.
    #4AuthorDW (EN) (241915) 18 Mar 08, 15:30
    Agree with HZ, "decentralised distribution"
    #5Authormyklausunna (236435) 18 Mar 08, 15:38
    But we aren't talking about distribution as a verb here, i.e., nothing is being distributed. It just is distributed (in a stationary way), like distributed computing capacity, except in this case it is distributed DNA banks, of which England has one central one "at Kew gardens". But imagine it actually instead had a DNA bank that is hosted at a number of sites, e.g. at Kew and at Wakehurst Place (as it in actual fact does, except Wakehust belongs to Kew, so they just call it the Kew DNA bank even if though isn't in Kew), so it is in fact a distributed collection (an could also include material located at other sites too), but isn't "a distribution".
    #6AuthorDW (EN) (241915) 18 Mar 08, 15:48
    But it is distributed across England.
    A decentralised distribution of the DNA (across England)?
    A decentralised collection of DNA materia ?
    #7Authormyklausunna (236435) 18 Mar 08, 15:53
    the collections are dispersed - argue with that!
    #8AuthorHZ18 Mar 08, 16:27
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