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    Fakten schaffen - setting the scene


    Fakten schaffen


    setting the scene

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
    Gerade für Wälder aber wäre solches Wissen dringend notwendig – immerhin ist die mitteleuropäische Forstwirtschaft gegenwärtig dabei, auf großen Flächen Reinbestände in Mischbestände umzuwandeln und damit Fakten für die nächsten Jahrhunderte zu schaffen.

    This knowledge would be particularly urgently needed for forests, however – especially as forestry in central Europe is currently undergoing a period of conversion from large expanses of pure stands to mixed stands, thus setting the scene for centuries to come.
    OK, I know I should know this one, but it's late, and after all, it isn't in the dictionary...

    Does this work in this context? other ways I can think of saying it like "to create a fait accompli" don't really seem to work.
    VerfasserDW (EN) (241915) 19 Mär. 08, 19:32
    ...thus setting precedents for centuries to come.

    I'd say.
    #1VerfasserHelmi (U.S.) (236620) 19 Mär. 08, 19:44
    For forests in particular this knowledge is urgently needed; after all, forestry in Central Europe is currently replacing large areas of pure stands by mixed stands, thus creating facts for centuries to come.
    #2Verfassererl20 Mär. 08, 02:17

    thus creating the reality for the coming centuries


    damit Fakten für die nächsten Jahrhunderte zu schaffen

    I notice several errors in the first proposal.

    Gerade für Wälder aber wäre solches Wissen dringend notwendig – immerhin ist die mitteleuropäische Forstwirtschaft gegenwärtig dabei, auf großen Flächen Reinbestände in Mischbestände umzuwandeln und damit Fakten für die nächsten Jahrhunderte zu schaffen.

    Corrected version:
    But forests are (exactly) where such knowledge would be urgent. [Wir sagen ja normalerweise 'wo', nicht 'mit bezug auf'. Aus Beharren könnte man so sagen: "But it is precisely in regard to forests that such knowledge ...."] In any case, forestry in central Europe is in the midst of (ODER: is currently engaged in) converting pure stands to mixed stands over large areas, thus creating the reality (ODER: creating a new reality) for the coming centuries.
    #3Verfasserhurmata (364229) 20 Mär. 08, 05:01
    The use of "pure stand" sounds really weird to my ears. Amongst other things LEO offers "crop" and "inventory", wouldn't it be possible to do something with those.

    Sorry, bit short on time, got a meeting at 9:00!
    #4VerfasserRMA (UK) (394831) 20 Mär. 08, 08:55
    Just ocurred to me, wouldn't "Reinbestand" be best expressed as "monoculture"?
    #5VerfasserRMA (UK) (394831) 20 Mär. 08, 08:57
    Yes, I thought of monoculture intitally, but then there's also Monokultur in German, so I presume it is necessary to distinguish between the two.
    #6VerfasserDW (EN) (241915) 20 Mär. 08, 09:17
    Thanks for the various suggestions, but I'm still not happy with "Fakten schaffen". Neither "creating the/a new reality/facts" nor "setting precedents" sounds right.
    #7VerfasserDW (EN) (241915) 20 Mär. 08, 09:57
    If I recall my facts correctly, they plante/sowed monoculture and the stands were then "pure stands" as opposed to mixed.
    #8VerfasserCarly-AE (237428) 20 Mär. 08, 10:05
    OK, so both would be acceptable?
    #9VerfasserDW (EN) (241915) 20 Mär. 08, 10:07
    DW, If the text states "Reinbestände" I'd use pure stands. It's perfectly common within the forestry world :-) I think monoculture refers to the planting method and pure stand is the result - but only about 90% sure, they explained it to me way back when, but that was almost 9 years ago :-)
    #10VerfasserCarly-AE (237428) 20 Mär. 08, 10:20
    Great, thank you! That's how I understood it.
    #11VerfasserDW (EN) (241915) 20 Mär. 08, 10:23
    I see we're back in live and learn mode again, it seems to be a bit of a habit on LEO!

    Going back to "Faktenschaffen", it's just occurred to me that for reasons I don't fully understand, I've trying to relate the "Fakten schaffen" to the necessity to create the new knowledge, but in fact on rereading, it's actually referring to the coming new stands. Would that not mean that we could use "fait accompli" here?
    #12VerfasserRMA (UK) (394831) 20 Mär. 08, 11:31
    OT: back in live and learn mode???

    I contemplated using "fait accompli" right from the outset, but don't believe it fits here. Isn't it more applicable to relationships, politics and other such situations?
    #13VerfasserDW (EN) (241915) 20 Mär. 08, 11:34
    DW, I think "fait accompli" would work, because they're establishing stands now, but won't see the results for decades - and probably aren't about to go out in say 3-4 years, tear everything out and start all over again, are they? :-)
    #14VerfasserCarly-AE (237428) 20 Mär. 08, 11:43
    "OT: back in live and learn mode???"

    I've never been involved with forestry, so "pure stands" and "mixed stands" were new ones for me. A bit of gurgling showed them to be pretty common phrases.
    #15VerfasserRMA (UK) (394831) 20 Mär. 08, 11:48
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    Yet forests are precisely where such knowledge is urgently needed, however, as forestry in central Europe is currently seeing a switch from large pure stands to mixed stands, thus creating a fait accompli for the coming centuries.
    Thanks! Does that sound OK? Google doesn't back me up on "creating a fait accompli for the coming centuries" or "creating a fait accompli for centuries to come", but nevertheless...
    #16VerfasserDW (EN) (241915) 20 Mär. 08, 11:52
    "creating a fait accompli" was exactly what I had in mind, the whole sentence sounds fine to me now.

    That'll probably be my last contribution for a while (possibly until the end of March).

    I'm just off to do battle on the A7 and will probably finish up pitching my tent 12 km (at least!) south of the Elb tunnel. When I finally do get home, I can look forward to a week's holiday though, hooray! ;D
    #17VerfasserRMA (UK) (394831) 20 Mär. 08, 12:29
    Thanks! And thank you for all yur help recently! Have a lovely time!!! I hope the weather improves (it can hardly get much worse!) :-)
    #18VerfasserDW (EN) (241915) 20 Mär. 08, 12:31
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    RMA - That's how I felt when I first started working at the Faculty of Forestry - then add even-aged and uneven-aged stands, and all the other odd-sounding terminology...:-)

    DW - Would "establish" work better, as in "establishing forest stands," or am I in the wrong region, in this thread?
    #19VerfasserCarly-AE (237428) 20 Mär. 08, 12:36

    Talking of even-aged stands, is this right?

    Plenterwald gibt es hier und Altersklassenwald, ehemaligen Bauernwald und auch noch gänzlich unbewirtschafteten Naturwald, um den im Jahr 1997 ein Nationalpark errichtet wurde.

    There is “Plenterwald” (selection forestry), and even-aged forest, former “Bauernwald” (which is used by farmers) and even patches of natural forest that are completely unmanaged, which were declared a National Park in 1997.
    #20VerfasserDW (EN) (241915) 20 Mär. 08, 12:39
    Re. establishing:

    I don't think it's better. Google says:

    3.810 für "creating a fait accompli" "centuries".
    5 für "establishing a fait accompli" "centuries".
    #21VerfasserDW (EN) (241915) 20 Mär. 08, 12:42
    Well, yesterday you were in China - this thread is the one in Germany, right??

    I'd use "selection forest" rather than "forestry" since you are describing the types of forests.

    The X National Park was founded in 1997, and is composed/comprised of...

    even-aged is correct. Sometimes "untended" was used for "unbewirtschaftet" but that would depend on context. Bauernwald doesn't ring any bells, nor can I find anything on it. The terminology used in the former DDR sometimes differed from that used here.
    #22VerfasserCarly-AE (237428) 20 Mär. 08, 12:54
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    In the region Hainich-Duen a broad spectrum of differently used forests occur, including selection-cutting forests, age-class forests, so-called “Bauernwald” which was used by farmers and particularly diverse in tree composition, and forest island of different sizes.
    I happened to come across Bauernwald in a recent translation.
    #23VerfasserDW (EN) (241915) 20 Mär. 08, 13:02
    The example above is NOT my translation!
    #24VerfasserDW (EN) (241915) 20 Mär. 08, 13:03
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