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    Translation correct?

    pampas - die Pampa - in the pampas ???

    Source Language Term

    pampas - die Pampa


    in the pampas ???


    Mich würde mal interessieren, ob man dieses Wort auch im Singular verwenden kann, also einfach nur "in the pampa"?
    ist es nämlich so aufgelistet, aber dennoch ergibt sich keine Klarheit bei der google Suche und auch der Eintrag in meinem Oxford Dictionary ist relativ bescheiden.

    Darüberhinaus, wäre es schön zu wissen, ob denn der umgangssprachliche Ausdruck aus dem Deutschen (in der Pampa landen) direkt ins Englische übersetzt werden kann, also "to land in the pampa(s)" ?
    Den Vorschlag von leo (in the boonies) habe ich zwar bereits wahr genommen, wäre aber für meine Zwecke nicht geeignet.

    Ich denke, die Fragen sind hauptsächlich an die native speaker gerichtet, aber ich freue mich natürlich über jeden hilfreichen Beitrag.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    AuthorMooD28 Mar 08, 14:47
    The phrase "to land in the pampa(s)" doesn't mean anything excpet that someone lands in the Argentinian outdoors somewhere. :-)
    What's your context?
    #1Authordude (253248) 28 Mar 08, 15:55
    Mit der "Pampa/s" kann ich Dir zwar nicht helfen, aber wenn Du einen Ausdruck suchst für ..... j.w.d. landen, was hältst Du von: to arrive / land in the middle of nowhere ??
    #2AuthorLouisa28 Mar 08, 15:58

    I think you know, that adherents of Buddhism believe in rebirth. The better deeds one has made in his present life, the better will be the next life after one's death.

    I want to express someone having lived in a very dishonourable way, is now reborn, namely as a stone "somewhere alone in the pampas".
    Still, I would be pleased by being able to avoid this geographic connection that Dude has made mention of.


    #3AuthorMooD28 Mar 08, 16:15
    Achso ja, das hab ich noch vergessen:

    Danke für den Vorschlag mit "to land in the middle of nowhere", aber leider löst das mein eigentliches Problem nicht.

    #4AuthorMooD28 Mar 08, 16:19
    I don't see why "He was reborn as a stone in the middle of nowhere" wouldn't solve what you are trying to express.
    He was reborn as a stone, lying all alone on a lonely roadside??
    #5AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 28 Mar 08, 16:23
    I suppose you could say "somewhere alone in the pampas" and the meaning of "in the boonies" will come across, but it's certainly not as strong - or as witty - as it is in German.
    #6Authordude (253248) 28 Mar 08, 16:24
    Oh brother, what twisted stuff.

    ...reborn as a stone, lying in the woods all by his lonesome. :-))
    #7AuthorHelmi (U.S.) (236620) 28 Mar 08, 16:25
    I like Carly's solution. "In the middle of nowhere" is a classy way of saying "in East Gibip" and carries no geographical connection (and therefore no prejudice).
    #8AuthorPHLbrian28 Mar 08, 16:28
    Thanks, PHLibrian...I actually borrowed that suggestion from Louisa :-)
    #9AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 28 Mar 08, 16:40




    The reason why any other solution, is that it would fail my intended purpose, which is to make a rhyme.

    (I've just realised, If I had said that before, things would have been wayyyyy more easy :D )

    But still, thanks to dude, since he brought some clearness in this problem.

    As well thanks to all the others working out solutions, although they are useless to me.

    #10AuthorMooD28 Mar 08, 18:19
    He was reborn in the middle of nowhere - as a stone - all alone - now it rhymes :-)
    #11AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 28 Mar 08, 18:23
    :D You're right, but naturally it does not rhyme with pampa ;)
    #12AuthorMooD28 Mar 08, 18:31
    Well, you had gone off "pampa" and it would be nigh impossible to find something to ryhme with that word, anyway.

    He was reborn in a dump'a
    In the middle of the pampa
    As a stone
    All alone
    #13AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 28 Mar 08, 18:35
    Um, just for the record, the first syllable of the English word 'pampa' rhymes with 'damp,' not 'dump.' Or with the diapers.

    And as dude pointed out, it really is only used for the region in Argentina, or some other similar grassy plain, not for 'the middle of nowhere' in a figurative sense. Sorry. )-;
    #14Authorhm -- us (236141) 28 Mar 08, 19:01
    hm - I was just being silly in reply to #12 - dodn't think anyone would take #13 as a seriuos suggestion.
    #15AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 28 Mar 08, 19:12

    thanks for the suggestions. i think i can get along with the rhyming by myself ;)
    #16AuthorMooD28 Mar 08, 20:16
    what about "in the boondocks"?
    this translates to "am Ar... der Welt"
    #17Authorsoso29 Mar 08, 00:36
    "In the boonies/boondocks" is primarily an AE expression.

    "In the middle of nowhere" or "in the back of beyond" would probably be understood by all speakers of English, though.
    #18AuthorAntiseptic (358315) 01 Jun 09, 17:48
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