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    Translation correct?

    was vergleichbar ist mit - that compares well

    Source Language Term

    was vergleichbar ist mit


    that compares well

    ich kenne den Ausdruck nur "comparable with". kann man o.g. auch schreiben?
    Authorbergspinne21 Dec 04, 13:19
    i'd say only if the original is: gut vergleichbar
    to compare to: vergleichen
    to compare well to: gut vergleichen
    #1Authorodondon irl21 Dec 04, 14:26
    odondon irl (slightly OT): I was taught at school (a long time ago!) that there's a slight difference in meaning:
    "compare to": "gleichsetzen mit" or "gleichkommen"
    (as in "nothing compares to you" - es gibt niemanden der Dir gleichkommt)
    "compare with": vergleichen mit

    Did I get something wrong or is it just that this difference is disappearing in usage?

    #2AuthorCaminante <de>21 Dec 04, 18:07
    Caminante, siehe
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    #3AuthorSophil21 Dec 04, 18:49
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