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    clip coll. - das Tempo

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    coll. -

    die Geschwindigkeit

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    While VC investments in Silicon Valley for networking companies, IT services and semiconductors have declined rapidly in the past few years, these same sectors are attracting VC funding in India at a growing clip, the panelist of VCs agreed.
    Speeding fines are doubled through construction zones, yet no one seems to realize it. It amazes me when I see traffic going by at a fast clip like there is nothing going on.
    Developers far outnumber them, and the county's agricultural land has been vanishing at a sharp clip since the late 1960s. (source: Wall Street Journal 1990)
    Seventy-seven percent of Quebec's exports go outside Canada, mostly to the U.S., and are rising at a more rapid clip than Canada's as a whole. (source: Wall Street Journal 1990)
    The report also showed a jump in exports during September, bolstering speculation that the economy will continue to expand at a healthy clip. (source: Wall Street Journal 1987)
    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th ed.:
    NOUN: [...]
    6. Informal A pace or rate: go at a fast clip.
    Random House Unabridged Dictionary:
    –noun [...]
    21. rate; pace: at a rapid clip.
    Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition]:
    noun (plural clips)
    Definition: [...]
    4. rate of motion: the speed at which somebody or something moves ( informal )
    Food prices shot up at their fastest clip in years.
    The Macquarie Dictionary:
    --noun [...]
    19. Colloquial rate; pace: at a rapid clip.
    Chambers 21st Century Dictionary:
    clip1 noun [...] 4 colloq speed; rapid speed • going at a fair clip

    rate - degree of speed die Geschwindigkeit
    pace die Geschwindigkeit
    pace das Tempo
    rate das Tempo
    AuthorNorbert Juffa (unplugged)26 May 08, 06:19

    at a clip


    sehr schnell

    Context/ examples

    at a clip

    PHRASE [PHRASE after verb]

    If something moves or happens at a fast clip, it moves or happens quickly.


    They moved out from the airport at a brisk clip. 

    Studios are releasing movies at a fast clip.

    at a fast/good clip US informal


    We set off at a good clip, but we gradually slowed down.

    at a fast, good, steady, etc. clip

    1. (especially North American English) quickly
    • Land prices will rise at a healthy clip.

    at a fast​/​good clip ​


    And yet comfortable enough to wear all day, safe to cross the road at a clip when the lights are about to change without putting yourself in mortal peril, low-key enough that you don’t stimulate midlife crisis gossip in the office.

    Staff are keen, even if they do the “no notebook” thing, which always puts me on edge. Still, it all moves along at a clip

    "Sustaining the recovery remains the key and the news here is also positive. The manufacturing expansion remains broad-based by sector, demand from the domestic market continues to surge higher and new export orders are rising at a clip close to October's 32-month high."


    We've come from here, a new entry thread for 'at a lick': related discussion: at a lick - sehr schnell

    At a lick (possibly BE?) and At a clip are essentially synonyms so could both go into Leo with the rather more prosaic 'sehr schnell'. Possibly with an 'idiomatic' tag of some sort on the English side.

    #1Authorpapousek (343122) 04 Aug 21, 12:48
    Context/ examples

    3) If something moves or happens at a fast/rapid/steady/good clip, it moves or happens quickly.

    • The train was moving at a good clip.

    4) US, informal : one time or instance.

    • usually used in the phrase at a clip
    • She can bicycle 30 miles at a clip.

    Clip - Definition for English-Language Learners from Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary (


    I support the suggested entry of the noun.

    The phrase suggested in #2 is however, questionable. According to Merriam-Webster "at a clip" doesn't mean "at a fast pace" in American English and thus isn't a synonym of "at a lick".

    #2AuthorRominara (1294573)  15 Aug 21, 01:59
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