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to be disfellowshipped - ausgeschlossen werden

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The President of the feminist Mormon Women’s Forum, Whitesides had been “disfellowshipped” by the church for advocating an expanded role for women in it and greater freedom of expression for the faculty at Brigham Young University,

Wird im Zusammenhang mit Ausschluss (Hinauswurf) aus einer religiösen Gruppierung oder Sekte gebraucht
AuthorZejo04 Jun 08, 21:12
ausgeschlossen trifft dem Sinne zu. Mormons schießt aus.
#1AuthorGeorgie - at (322963) 04 Jun 08, 23:13




exkommuniziert, da "-kommun-" = fellowship
#2AuthorNick24 Jun 08, 12:50

to be "disfellowshipped"



The quotation marks are necessary - as in the source text - to show that this is a peculiar word.
#3Authorfeld24 Jun 08, 13:08

to be disfellowshipped


Gemeinschaftsentzug erhalten

excommunication - Ausschluss/Exkommunikation

being disfellowshipped - Gemeinschaftsentzug erhalten:

if someone has been disfellowshipped different measures are taken: he cannot pray or preach openly in church, a priesthood holder has to cease officiating in his priesthood office, e.g. a priest is not allowed to bless the sacrament... etc. someone who has been disfellowshipped is still encouraged to pay tithes and other offerings. also, disfellowshipped members of the church are encouraged to attend meetings and church services and be as active in the church as they possibly can, bearing certain restrictions in mind, which have been placed upon him by the congregations bishop. being disfellowshipped generally lasts for about a year, after which the penitent person is again deemed as being in good standing by the bishop.

therefore being disfellowshipped translates to Gemeinschaftsentzug, because his membership has not been taken away from him, only certain priviliges of the fellowship have been taken away.
#4AuthorChristianW (155717) 15 Apr 12, 01:31
Klar, das muss unbedingt sofort ins Wörterbuch - am besten mit all den Varianten, die hier so kompetent und umfangreich belegt werden ...
#5AuthorWoody 1 (455616) 15 Apr 12, 04:31
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