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sound studio - Tonstudio

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recording studio



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I have never heard of 'sound studio'. Recording studio seems to be the proper translation for Tonstudio.
AuthorAudio engineer24 Jul 06, 11:47
Results 1 - 10 of about 1,690,000 for "sound studio" (0.81 seconds) - source google.com

Well, sound studio exists, even if you haven't heard of it, so you are going to have to come up with some dictionary evidence to support your claim!
#1Authorgoogleacious24 Jul 06, 14:41

However, it is interesting that (obviously) most of the hits do not relate to english pages ;-). Just search for "handy" and you will get millions of hits as well ;-).
#2AuthorRüdiger25 Jul 06, 14:21
while sound studio is not nearly as popular as recording studio, it does exist, even in BE, and means Tonstudio.

of course, it could be argued that not every sound studio is equivalent to a recording studio, and that therefore there is obvious need for a word to describe somewhere specially designed to hear or make music, without regard for recording it, but this could appear to be nitpicking.

LEO, interestingly enough, is missing an entry for recording studio in itself, having only a sample sentence with the German 'Aufnahmestudio' - this is the stuff for a new entry, if ever I saw it.

there is a case to be made for keeping sound studio=Tonstudio, especially if the gap is closed in LEO by accepting recording studio= Aufnahmestudio/Tonstudio
#3Authorodondon irl25 Jul 06, 14:41
Although I also find that "recording studio" sounds more familiar, if you google "sound studio uk" you will in fact get a lot of English pages using the term. I am also aware of atleast 2 books on the subject using the term: 'Sound Studio Construction on a Budget' by F. Alton Everest and 'The Sound Studio: Audio Techniques for Radio, Television, Film and Recording' by Alec Nisbett.
#4AuthorDavid08 Mar 08, 18:59
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