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envivification - Wiederbelebung

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Examples/ definitions with source references
Authornone18 Jul 08, 07:46
not supported.

no evidence worth the effort.
no examples.
no dictionary entries.

google gets just two hits for this, and both are from LEO - your suggestion!

The link is to a comic.

considering that AHD and m-w.com are about the most serious dictionaries available online, and that m-w.com normally lists even the most obscure words, and that your suggestion is in neither, I'd hazard the guess that this is either a fantasy word, or that it is extremely rare or specialised. If the latter, then all the more reason that proper evidence is supplied.
#1Authorodondon irl18 Jul 08, 08:16
Außerdem bedeutet Wiederbelebung, dass das Wiederbelebte früher mal am Leben war, und inzwischen gestorben ist. Das heißt “revivification” auf englisch. Und das ist hier ausdrücklich nicht der Fall ("it's a construct").
#2AuthorSteve (BE)18 Jul 08, 11:03
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