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    Spin a web...


    Can you web a web

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
    The Random House Dictionary has 'web' both as noun a n d verb.
    I know it should be 'spin a web' but 'web a web' sounds so much nicer???
    Verfasserkay04 Feb. 09, 22:06

    Spin a web


    Spin a web ... weave a web

    I see that Merriam Webster (no pun intended) also has web as a verb:


    I must confess I have never seen it in nearly 40 years as an English native speaker (and language professional).

    And, in any case, I think "to web" means "to use a web", not to build one.

    Just like "to club" someone doesn't involve making the club first ;-)

    Have a look at this nice forum about spiders:


    A spider is described as having "webbed" something:

    "She's in a small tank but she has webbed it up and eaten, so I think she'll be okay."

    That kind of usage sounds fine to my (UK) ears.
    #1Verfassernalfeshnee (318986) 04 Feb. 09, 22:32

    web a web


    weave a web

    Interesting that "weben" became "to weave", but the woven thing remains "web" in English.

    I'm with nalfeshnee. Spin a web for spiders, weave for anything else that can make a web.

    I recall the famous saying that begins with "Oh what a twisted web we weave..."
    Does anyone know the the continuation? Something like "When we seek, others to deceive"?
    #2VerfasserNick Alias05 Feb. 09, 02:33
    @ Nick Alias

    "Oh what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practice to deceive

    I think that's what you're looking for.

    #3VerfasserMary nz/a (431018) 05 Feb. 09, 02:53
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