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    produktverantwortlicher Mitarbeiter - product responsible employee


    produktverantwortlicher Mitarbeiter


    product responsible employee

    I have to proofread a series of translations, and I now have the following problem:

    In one of the documents the translator put Produktverantwortlicher der XY-Abteilung as XY Department employee responsible for the product. Since I consider this translation to be too long-winded and unwieldy in a sentence, especially when used repeatedly as in this document, I changed it to XY Department Product Manager.

    Now I got another document, along with a note that she thinks that product manager is too specific for produktverantwortlicher Mitarbeiter and that she wants to translate this as product responsible employee.

    I am 99.9% sure that product responsible employee is absolutely unidiomatic and not possible in English, but before I say anything I'd like to be 100% sure.

    I would like to stick with product manager, but I'm no expert on business terminology. Does anyone else think that this is "too specific"? LEO has product manager for Produktverantwortlicher.

    Since I do not consider product responsible employee a viable option, the alternatives would be employee responsible for the product or employee in charge of the product, which I would like to avoid because of the length.

    Opinions please?
    VerfasserAika (236276) 30 Mär. 09, 12:16
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