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    Für mich kommt Car-Sharing nicht in Frage, denn wir wohnen in der Pampa und ich brauche den Wagen täglich, um zur Arbeit zu fahren.
    Pampa (ugs.) = abgelegene Gegend
    Verfasserw08 Apr. 09, 10:20
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    boondocks plural noun (Amer.) [ugs.]die Pampa  Pl.: die Pampas [fig.]
    pampas  Pl. [GEOG.]die Pampa meist im Pl.: Pampas
    to move to the sticks [ugs.]in die Pampa ziehen [ugs.]
    backwater [fig.] [pej.]  Adj. Adv.in der Pampa
    out in the sticks [ugs.]in der Pampa [ugs.]
    in the boonies (Amer.) [ugs.]in der Pampa [ugs.] [fig.]
    in the boondocks (Amer.) [ugs.] [pej.]in der Pampa [ugs.] [pej.]
    #1Verfassernoli (489500) 08 Apr. 09, 10:26
    Be careful, I've never heard "boondocks" in my life and would certainly not understand it.
    #2VerfasserJ UK08 Apr. 09, 10:28
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    Noun 1. boondocks - a remote and undeveloped area
    back country, backwoods, hinterland
    rural area, country - an area outside of cities and towns;
    "his poetry celebrated the slower pace of life in the country"
    @ J UK
    #3Verfasserw08 Apr. 09, 10:34



    in the sticks

    "Boondocks" = AE only, as LEO rightly points out. A British alternative:

    We live way out in the sticks and I need the car every day to get to work.
    #4VerfasserSteve (BE)08 Apr. 09, 10:41
    Siehe Wörterbuch: boondocks

    #2 i would also live in the sticks - boonies on a bad day

    I dont know what w´s entry is doing here, but then I always wonder - all in leo

    if w wants a new entry it has no business here
    #5Verfassernoli (489500) 08 Apr. 09, 10:43
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    in the boondocks - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary,

    Unless you live in a cave in a far away area in the boondocks, you have most likely seen on television, or witnessed live, events that happen in real time.
    #6Verfasserw08 Apr. 09, 12:20
    "Boondocks" is very familar to me being American. My Australian friend had never heard of it and after hearing the explanation said, "Ah! Woop Woop".

    @noli: What's the problem with w's entry?
    #7Verfasserziger08 Apr. 09, 12:37
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