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    to hover around - herum hängen

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
    Don’t hover around while waiting for a co-worker to get off the phone. Leave a note for them to call you or return later

    Verfassers1chmitt (584944) 06 Jul. 09, 10:48
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    BERTELSMANN Wörterbuch
    * her|um|hän|gen /auch/ he|rum|hän|gen [V.62, hat herumgehangen; o. Obj.; ugs.]
    2 [übertr., ugs.]
    a halb krank sein und nur untätig dasitzen können; ich hänge nur herum
    b untätig sein, nichts zu arbeiten haben; er hängt nur in den Kneipen herum

    2. To remain or linger in or near a place: hovering around the speaker's podium.

    hover verb [v, usually +adv. / prep.]
    2 (of a person) to wait somewhere, especially near sb, in a shy or uncertain manner: He hovered nervously in the doorway. * He hovered over her, waiting for an answer.

    2 [I usually + adverb or preposition] to stand somewhere, especially near another person, eagerly or nervously waiting for their attention:
    A waiter hovered at the table, ready to take our order.
    I could sense him behind me, hovering and building up the courage to ask me a question.

    hover verb (hovered, hovering) intrans
    2 to linger, especially anxiously or nervously, near someone or something.
    'Herumhängen' requires contracted spelling. In any case, I'm not convinced that the proposed pair is a good match. 'Herumhängen' means idling, being lazy whereas 'to hover' is active, even nervous. Therefore: not supported.

    @s1chmitt: Please quote several reliable references in both languages for your proposals as required by the submission form.
    #1Verfasseroreg (353563) 06 Jul. 09, 11:27
    stimme oreg zu.
    #2VerfasserBirgila/DE (172576) 06 Jul. 09, 11:40
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    to hover (also) [aviat.] - schweben
    to hover - in der Luft schweben
    to hover above sth. - über etw.[Dat.] schweben

    Siehe auch: to hover
    Siehe auch: Hover much?
    Siehe auch: to hover - sich herumtreiben, herumlungern
    Siehe auch: he doesn't hover

    Still, LEO is still completely missing this sense of the verb 'hover,' and it's very common, so it needs to be added. I've pleaded several times, but with zero success so far (see links above).

    If you all have better suggestions, let's hear them. But even if none of them are ideal, isn't something better than nothing?
    #3Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 06 Jul. 09, 19:22

    to hover


    sich herumdrücken


    I like Bacon's and Emma Moon's "sich herumdrücken" from the links. It doesn't fit every context but it's a good start.
    #4Verfasseroreg (353563) 07 Jul. 09, 00:38
    #3, "If you all have better suggestions, let's hear them. But even if none of them are ideal, isn't something better than nothing?"

    In other words: if I don't come up with a better suggestion, I am not allowed to criticise a poorly documented suggestion that appears to be wrong???
    The way I see it, "something" is only "better than nothing" if it's adequately documented. This suggestion isn't.

    I fully agree with oreg's comments in this thread.
    #5Verfasserpraitt07 Jul. 09, 01:10
    re #4: Did you look at the other previous discussions? Taken together, they include several suggestions, and surely any of them, or two or three together, would be better than nothing. At the very least you could take the trouble to compare them and say something about which ones are better than others, and why.
    #6Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 07 Jul. 09, 02:59
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