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    die sie unterschreiben (werden) - you will sign


    die sie unterschreiben (werden) Verwalt.


    you will sign

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
    Hier sehen Sie die Version des Berichtes, die Sie nächste Woche unterschreiben.
    sign or sign off?
    the version that you will sign
    the version you will sign
    the version you are going to sign
    the version you may wish to sign

    Es sollte schon höflich und ein wenig (nicht unbedingt zu) formell sein.
    VerfasserClaus (243211) 02 Okt. 09, 12:59
    or none of the above
    " ... that you will be signing next week."
    #1VerfasserJKLNY02 Okt. 09, 13:28
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    ... die Sie *bald* unterschreiben.
    ... the version you will soon be signing
    (nicht ... the version you soon will be signing)

    #2VerfasserClaus (243211) 02 Okt. 09, 13:52
    Not knowing the full context, I find this sentence rather threatening. It sounds as if you have fallen into the hands of the Mafia, and they have informed you politely that you will be signing this version - or else. You have no choice; are being given an offer you cannot refuse.

    On the other hand, if you translate 'unterschreiben' as 'sign off', that changes the meaning. You are a person in authority, authorised to 'sign off' the version on behalf of your Department or company. You have a choice; it is up to you whether to sign or not.

    In this context (far too little to decide) my guess is that it should be 'sign off'.
    #3VerfasserPeter Linton (UK) (236206) 02 Okt. 09, 20:15
    Medical Writing is most often just supportive, sometimes assertive, to get an urgent regulatory document (Clinical Study Report, FDA AA Basic Results) finalized and approved. Medical Writing is not the mafia: The reviewer-signers have had ample opportunity to review the text, provide content guidance and any other comments, which would have been incorporated in the draft document.
    #4VerfasserClaus (243211) 03 Okt. 09, 20:13
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