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1 Mio. € [econ.]

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1m €

Examples/ definitions with source references
Bei Vorhaben bis zu x Mio. € ....
Bei Vorhaben ab x Mio. € .....
Vorhaben zwischen 1 Mio. € bis zu 5 Mio. € ....
Ich brauche für eine Präsentation die gängige Abkürzung für "x Mio. €".
Ich habe nicht genügend Platz für "x million euros"

Vielen Dank im Voraus für die Hilfe!
Authorseb_314 Dec 09, 16:32


Context/ examples
What is the proper abbreviation for 1 million dollars?
Most people will write $1M
#1Authormad (239053) 14 Dec 09, 16:41
Mio. ist eigentlich die gängige Abkürzung. Wenn es platzmässig nicht passt, würde ich dann aber ein grosses "M" nehmen. Passt unter die Präsentation eventuell eine kleine Legende zur Erklärung?
#2AuthorWilli14 Dec 09, 16:41



Actually, it's written with a lower-case m in English, but with the euro sign first, not last. And no spaces.
#3Authoranna niemus (1205372) 06 Oct 17, 08:03
#3: It is sometimes written like this, but there are no hard and fast rules; it is a matter of house style. Another way which is often used is to dispense with special currency symbols and use the 3-letter ISO 4217 currency code prefixed by 'M' e. g. 1 MUSD ($1 million), 2 MEUR (€2 million), 3 MGBP (£3 million) etc.
#4AuthorSlartibladfarst (879323) 06 Oct 17, 09:10

1 million €


1 M€

Im technischen Sinn steht M für Mega, also für 10^6. Damit wäre 1 M€ eine Million Euro, müsste aber dann auch als Megaeuro gesprochen werden. Entsprechend dann:
1 k€ = 1 Kiloeuro, 1000 €
1 G€= 1 Gigaeuro, Euro, 1 Milliarde

Mit der komischen Konvention, die Einheit vor der Zahl zu schreiben, lässt sich das aber nicht sinnvoll kombinieren: M€1 versteht wahrscheinlich keiner ...
#5AuthorUdo(de) (58) 06 Oct 17, 10:31
#4: I've never seen that (eg MUSD) before, and I wouldn't recommend it.

#4 & #5: what I have seen is "T € 12" - in the same text where "€ 12 Mio." was also used. T for Tausend -- also for thousand? Again, I wouldn't recommend it. For one thing, it just mixes everything up - if T is for thousand, then M is for million, not Mega! And if M is for Millionen, what will you use for Milliarde? It's all so confusing ;-)
#6Authoranna niemus (1205372) 06 Oct 17, 10:56
#5: Mit der komischen Konvention, die Einheit vor der Zahl zu schreiben...
Whether you find it strange or not, that's the way it's done in the English-speaking world. Your suggestions of "1 million €" and "1 M€" are therefore wrong for English.

I use €1m (see #3) or EUR 1m.
#7AuthorSpike BE (535528) 06 Oct 17, 11:02

Context/ examples
It has changed over time in banking transactions. 20 years ago, one million dollars was USD1mm (because teletype machines did not have dollar signs, and "mm" meant "thousand thousand.." Euros have not existed for 20 years, but when they came onto the scene, one million Euros was EUR1mm. More recently one million dollars is USD1M or US$1M and one million Euros would be EUR1M or €1M.

It is strange to think, but for years after teletype machines were obsolete, we continued to imitate their typography.
#8AuthorRobNYNY (242013) 06 Oct 17, 11:06
FWIW: The syle guide of The Economist says: Use m for million, but spell out billion, except in charts, where bn is permissible but not obligatory. Thus: 8m, £8m, 8 billion, €8 billion.
#9AuthorSlartibladfarst (879323) 06 Oct 17, 11:48
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