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sight-reading (also:) sightreading, sight reading [mus.] - das Vomblattspiel (auch:) Vom-Blatt-Spiel

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sight-reading (also:) sightreading, sight reading

[mus.] -

das Vomblattspielen (auch:) Vom-Blatt-Spielen

sight-singing (also:) sightsinging, sight singing

[mus.] -

das Vomblattsingen (auch:) Vom-Blatt-Singen

Examples/ definitions with source references
sight-reading - das Vomblattsingen
to sight-read [mus.] - vom Blatt lesen
to sight-read [mus.] - vom Blatt singen
to sight-read [mus.] - vom Blatt spielen
to play sth. at sight [mus.] - etw.[Akk.] vom Blatt spielen
to sing sth. at sight [mus.] - etw.[Akk.] vom Blatt singen

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BTW, LEO hat auch "sight-reading - das Vomblattsingen". Die Einträge sollte man wohl auch ergänzen.
—Stefan 06 Apr 04 (!)

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• Sightreading on piano is considerably more difficult than on any other .... opera score to learn them all, every rehearsal had a significant sightreading
• Hymn books are a good source for sightreading material.
• There will also be a prize for the top sightreading scorer in each group class. I will test you on sightreading in your lesson now and then
• Sightreading: Melodies with more complex rhythms. 6. Score reading: Three parts of an ...
• harmonization and transposition of five-finger melodies, pieces learned from score, and sightreading
• (g) PROCEDURES FOR CHORAL SIGHTREADING COMPETITION. (1) Time. A director of a choral group will be given six minutes to study the score
• 710.157-158 Keyboard Studies: Piano majors * A study of basic skills involved in sightreading, score reading, figured bass, harmonization, transposition, ...
• Factors and Abilities Influencing Sightreading Skill in Music, GE McPherson, 1994
• Study of piano repertoire, sightreading, transposition, harmonization of a melody, accompanying, improvisation of a melody, score-reading

• Volksmelodieenkranz fuÌr Clavier zur Uebung und zum Vomblattspiel
• dase das Vomblattspiel von Seiten guter Klavier- Pädagogen nicht selten geradezu in Bann gethan ist, so dass sie ihre Schüler entweder davor warnen oder (Eschmann)
• Über das Vomblattspiel (ä prima-vista). Es gibt viele gute Klavierspieler, die herzlich schlecht vom Blatt spielen und umgekehrt findet man Leser vom Blatt, ... (Eschmann)
• B. Wieniawski: Scherzo Tarantelle; Vomblattspiel eines leichteren Stückes, ... kurzes Solostück oder Etüde; Vomblattspiel rhythmischer Studien
• Sight Reading for Today (Vomblattspiel-Übungen) Band 4. Last, Joan. Das Lernen des Vom-Blatt-Spiels für das Klavier. Schwierigkeitsstufe 4.
• Vomblattspiel einer drei- bis vierstimmigen Chorpartitur ... Bei Studienplatzbewerbern, die einen Hochschulabschluss nachweisen, entfällt das Vomblattspiel
• Vomblattspiel eines leichen Stückes. oder. b) Kontrabass (15 Minuten) ... Vomblattspiel eines leichten Stückes. e) Schlaginstrument (15 Minuten)
• Kleine Trommel: Drei kurze Etüden oder Soli sowie Vomblattspiel einer leichten Stimme ... Klavier: (innerhalb der Schlagzeugprüfung): Vomblattspiel leichter ...

The only current noun entry is for Vomblattsingen, which is misleading. As the verb entries show, sightreading E>D also means playing from a score or interpreting musical notation.

For D>E, there is also a separate word sightsinging, which is useful for German speakers to know.

Also, the alternate spellings of sightread(-ing, -er) are all missing and should be added to all entries in this word group (including the existing verb entries). I don't use a hyphen myself, and I feel like I see this without a hyphen more often than not; I suspect the hyphenated spelling may be more typical in BE.

I don't know whether Vomblattspielen is really the preferred way to say this, but since LEO already had Vomblattsingen, I assumed it's at least a possible option and did not try to collect example for it separately.

I suspect there should perhaps also be an entry for

sight-reading (also:) sightreading, sight reading - das Vomblattlesen (auch:) Vom-Blatt-Lesen

but I didn't feel like collecting another whole round of examples for that either.

In a previous thread, Peter {de} had already suggested prima vista for the German side; I also did not collect examples for that, but if it's fairly widespread, it might also be good to add

sight-reading (also:) sightreading, sight reading - das Prima-Vista-Spiel
sight-reading (also:) sightreading, sight reading - das Prima-Vista-Spielen

However, that might be better translated as 'playing at sight'; I would also be fine with that.

Authorhm -- us (236141) 18 Dec 09, 05:40
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