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    Anyway! Anyhow!


    Na ja! Na gut!

    English: He never listens to anyone. Anyway . Let's go to lunch.
    Deutsch: Er hört niemandem zu. Na ja! (Na, gut!) Lass uns zum Mittagsessen gehen!
    Verfasserscof (384845) 02 Jan. 10, 13:22
    Deine Übersetzung ist korrekt.
    #1Verfassermad (239053) 02 Jan. 10, 14:00
    Or "oh well."

    "He never listens to anyone. Oh well, let's go to lunch."

    If I was to say "anyway" to change the subject like this, I would draw it out.
    "He never listens to anyone. Anywayyyy.... let's go to lunch."

    To me, "oh well" kind of conveys that you're changing the subject and forgetting about how he never listens to anyone. "Anyway" kind of conveys that it's still on your mind.
    #2Verfasserc2check (635251) 02 Jan. 10, 15:00
    Oder: Was soll's? / Wie auch immer.
    #3VerfasserRobuk (644349) 02 Jan. 10, 15:36
    #4Verfassermaedchenlu (656655) 02 Jan. 10, 16:06
    @c2check:i mean the same "anwayyyyyy" u r referring to. I use the word "anyway" a lot and when I am trying to talk in German i struggle real bad to replace it with the correct german phrase/word. I am also referring to "anyway" in the sense that "ahh well i still think that he listening to no one is stupid and still on my mind but what the hell can i do so yea lets go to lunch". In that context is "Naja or Na Gut!" correct?

    @Robuk: Does Wie auch immer/ Was soll's? mean the same as referred to by the above context?

    @all: Another common expression that I use a lot is "My point, exactly". How can I refer to it in german? sa for e.g.:

    John: What's that?
    Lisa: A cat.
    John: That's "not" a cat.
    Tom: My point, exactly. (emphasizing the fact that john also agrees with what Tom thinks about lisa's "so called cat").

    #5Verfasserscof (384845) 02 Jan. 10, 17:02
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