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    to be on fire - voller Enthusiasmus sein


    to be on fire


    voller Enthusiasmus sein

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
    Self's team last season did not just getting hot in the Madness. Frankly, the team was not on fire during the the Madness last season. It was just playing good ball with too few players playing too many minutes. But to get that far with that little that young was just an amazing accomplishment by Self.
    Feuer und Flamme sein?
    Verfasserw30 Mär. 10, 20:15
    oder auch:

    in Flammen stehen
    begeistert sein
    #1Verfasser30 Mär. 10, 20:22
    „Feuer und Flamme“ ist schon richtig, hier passt es aber weniger. „In Flammen stehen“ überhaupt nicht.
    Ich würde sagen: „Dem Team fehlte das Feuer…“…“Das Team war nicht richtig heiß“
    #2VerfasserRob31 Mär. 10, 06:32
    It means they were not playing amazingly well; they were just mediocre. When someone is doing something really well, having an especially good day and really shining at their game, playing their music, telling their jokes, they are "on fire".
    #3VerfasserCM2DD (236324) 31 Mär. 10, 09:47
    gute Leistungen bringen ?
    #4Verfasserw31 Mär. 10, 10:17
    More like glänzen, but stronger.
    #5VerfasserCM2DD (236324) 31 Mär. 10, 10:20
    "Herausragende Leistung bringen" really indentifies what is meant, but the style of "to be on fire" is much more colloquial.

    E.g. if a player throws a few fantastic pitches, a spectator might say "The boy is on fire today!"

    i.e. The team described in your text was not playing at an extraodrinary level, just well.
    #6VerfasserCKurth (466521) 31 Mär. 10, 12:46
    Für "was not on fire" dann vielleicht: "hat nicht gerade eine Glanzleistung abgeliefert".
    #7VerfasserNika31 Mär. 10, 12:50
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    voll drauf sein?
    #8Verfasserw31 Mär. 10, 12:54
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