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deprive, deride, derived, drive, drivel, driven, driver

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deriveLast post 18 Jan 09, 18:56
...was used to derive albedo parameter fields for...1 Replies
derive - ableitenLast post 13 Sep 10, 10:18
Please forgive my not providing sources or even examples, but Leo already has "to derive st…1 Replies
derive solutionLast post 08 Dec 09, 11:08
. Gehört in einem Fachvortrag für Verbundwerkstoffe...leider kein weitere Zusammenhang.1 Replies
(to) derive resultsLast post 08 Dec 08, 16:18
This model provides a framework to derive related results from a more micro-founded model.4 Replies
derive vs. deduceLast post 18 Mar 10, 09:27
Can someone explain me the difference between those 2 words? Leo tells me that both mean "a…10 Replies
Derive fun and satisfactionLast post 31 Jul 08, 17:40
They derive fun and satisfaction from the work they do. Was waere die deutsche Entsprechung…2 Replies
Drift (die) - dérive (f.)Last post 13 Aug 09, 12:12
Hinweis: siehe bei Leo unter "Abdrift"3 Replies
schlussfolgerung ziehen - derive implicationsLast post 23 Oct 09, 00:26
kann man für "schlussfolgerung ziehen" auch "derive implications" sagen? Ich kann nämlich n…3 Replies
ableiten, daraus abgeleitet - not "derive/deduce"Last post 26 Jan 22, 14:57
Klimaszenarien CH2018 und daraus abgeleitete Folgen für die Schweizhttps://scnat.ch/en/uuid/…6 Replies
"realise income" vs. "derive and actually receive income"Last post 28 Jul 07, 12:19
Morning ;-) I found the following expression in an agreement (I assume, drafted by a non-na…6 Replies

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