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at $200,- each - á $200,- Last post 23 Apr 08, 17:58
á -> à ,- -> .00 à [frz. à 1 Replies
€200K - 200'€Last post 19 Jan 08, 21:50
Wie würde die Kurzform für "tausend" im Deutschen aussehen. Kann mal stellvertretend für die…11 Replies
200,00 Last post 13 Jul 09, 11:05
Hi, I'm struggling with German written figures! Is the above 200 (zwei hundert) and would 2…6 Replies
Summary 200 wordsLast post 15 Feb 04, 17:27
Can anybody help me to write an short summery about 200 words to one of the following themes…5 Replies
200-word essay - Aufsatz von 200 WörternLast post 05 Aug 10, 15:31
She had to write a 200-word essay. Sie musste einen Aufsatz von 200 Wörtern schreiben. 200 …1 Replies
200jährige Erfahrung - 200year-old experienceLast post 05 Sep 08, 13:25
klingt doof, hm.3 Replies
Whittier, Alaska, Population: 200, Number of residential buildings: 1Last post 21 Jan 15, 01:42
The entire town of Whittier, Alaska lives in a single condo. The 200 residents never need to…11 Replies
100, 200, 300 Ecken (Money) - 100, 200, 300 Euro (Geld)Last post 04 Jul 10, 12:11
Der will 500 Ecken für das alte Ding haben! He wanna get 500 Euros for this old thing! Rich…6 Replies
Covid inspires 1,200 new German words Last post 25 Feb 21, 09:23
...titelt der Guardian:"From coronamüde (tired of Covid-19) to Coronafrisur (corona hairstyl…4 Replies
i need larger german documents 200+ pagesLast post 23 Jul 10, 17:00
i'm trying to come up with a good list of german words. i have software that can pick out h…13 Replies

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