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    sing (Verb)

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Thus sung her first and last, and sung no moreLast post 02 May 20, 13:55
This is related to the sunk/sank discussion in “it finally sunk in”.https://dict.leo.org/forum/11 Replies
sung eucharistLast post 14 May 10, 23:03
The services were very High with Sung Eucharist and incense being flung about. Die Gottesdi…12 Replies
gesungenes Englisch - sung EnglishLast post 08 Nov 09, 15:17
Ich meine: Gesungenes Englisch ist schwerer zu verstehen als normales, gesprochenes Englisc…2 Replies
Nonsense lyrics to be sung to many tunesLast post 19 Nov 09, 17:35
Ich bin der Prinz von Kranenbäumen kauf mir einen Kakadu einen Vogel aus Kanarien und 'nen Z…7 Replies
The fat lady hasn't sung yetLast post 28 Feb 07, 12:50
I fully understand the proverb (it ain't over until it's over) but literally, what is it, th…7 Replies
pronunciation differences between spoken and sung GermanLast post 05 Apr 14, 17:57
Can anyone point me to a reference on pronunciation differences between German when spoken a…31 Replies
ABl. S. 734Last post 21 Dec 09, 20:59
the “regulation on the courses of education and the final secondary-school examinations in the7 Replies
Abkürzung: Abl. Anw.Last post 22 Sep 08, 15:45
This appears on a form to set up a standing order. It has the following: Bearbeitungsvermer…3 Replies
whatever song he had sungLast post 21 Feb 10, 23:47
i.e. you are not sure which song he sung and it does not really matter either vielen danke …4 Replies
Can you tell a song in English is sung by non-natives?Last post 05 Dec 09, 00:20
Ich habe gerade Happy New Year von Abba gehört (fragt nicht, warum gerade jetzt) und mir ist1 Replies

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