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arrested choiceLast post 16 Nov 09, 13:35
The choice of cold channel is arrested. Bedeuted das nun, dass die Wahl auf Kaltkanal gefal…2 Replies
arrested developmentLast post 06 Apr 08, 20:20
Der Sinn einer deutschen Übersetzung von "verhaftet" und "Entwicklung" erschließt sich mir n…3 Replies
Arrested FermentationLast post 28 Mar 07, 16:16
Beer Brewing The above term appears in a text about the beer brewing process. I know the Ge…5 Replies
get arrestedLast post 14 Jan 09, 22:26
He got himself arrested. Wie kann man diesen Satz übersetzen?4 Replies
starred on arrested development Last post 06 Apr 08, 19:23
He was starred on "Arrested Development" (TV-Show) for two episodes. LEO says "starred" mea…2 Replies
The police arrested himLast post 12 May 08, 12:08
'The police arrested him'1 Replies
it time could be arrestedLast post 09 Oct 09, 05:18
with the feeling that it would be possible to get inside that glassy world, and that once in…1 Replies
festgenommen werden - to become arrested?Last post 29 Apr 11, 22:46
You become arrested if you are skateboarding in the city.10 Replies
arrested under [name of law]Last post 04 Oct 12, 14:26
as a paragraph heading: Numbers arrested [or condemned] under Paragraph 175 I'm looking for…3 Replies
to arrest so. (over sth.) | arrested, arrested |\t - jmdn. (wegen einer Sache) verhaften | verhaftete, verhaftet |Last post 18 Jun 19, 14:47
als Ergänzung zu to arrest so. (for sth.) :…3 Replies

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