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    articulate (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

articulate, particulate, reticulated

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articulated arm - GelenkauslegerLast post 11 Aug 08, 15:19
Quelle: Möllerke, G.: Engineering Dictionary. Taschenwörterbuch mit phonetischer Umschr3 Replies
articulate truck (autom.) - SattelschlepperLast post 18 Aug 11, 23:39
There is no entry for articulated truck in the AHDE. The AE would be tractor-trailer1 Replies
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"It argues that the specific shift in the decision-making process of the European Union and …1 Replies
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The rationale for its introduction was under-articulated. Hallo liebe Forumsmitglieder, w…3 Replies
Articulated HaulerLast post 30 Jun 11, 12:04
es müßte sich hierbei um eine Baumaschine handeln6 Replies
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Other highlight is the OF 1724 chassis, indicated for urban, intercity transportation, chart…1 Replies
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With laser-cut panels for an ergonomic fit and added waterproofing, the jacket features arti…8 Replies
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Ventil für Absaugarm zur Luftstromregulierung bei Gelenk-Absaugarm valve for extraction ar…1 Replies
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A code B diving licence authorizes the holder to drive a motor vehicle with or without trail…3 Replies
double-yoke-articulatedLast post 31 Jul 08, 15:46
Vertical fitting of the light head to allow a comfortable double-yoke-articulated movement. …3 Replies