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broadly askingLast post 09 Apr 08, 13:19
Do men lack a sound judgement, broadly asking? Allgemein gefragt? Danke1 Replies
broadly defined riskLast post 11 Oct 07, 20:47
Elliott Waves. Sometimes the Wave 5 suffers a failure, in which case it fails to produce a h…2 Replies
broadly institutional levelLast post 05 Dec 12, 21:12
The Goldschmidt family experienced discrimination on a broadly institutional level—for examp…3 Replies
to smile broadlyLast post 26 Aug 16, 11:31
I don't like smiling broadly on pictures as I don't think I look very attractive and I don't…11 Replies
to think broadlyLast post 09 Nov 09, 23:38
How would you translate "to think broadly" ? I'm using it in the sense of "entrepreneurs ar…1 Replies
grob gesprochen - broadly speakingLast post 14 Sep 12, 20:45
Die bisher eingereichten Verbesserungsvorschläge lassen sich, grob gesprochen, in drei Grupp…1 Replies
innovation of breadth / search broadlyLast post 17 Oct 09, 13:39
In this study, we conduct one of the first firm-level statistical analyses of the impact on …1 Replies
ausgedehnt/umfangreich interpretiert - broadly interpretedLast post 22 Feb 09, 00:34
A term has been broadly interpreted by... A term has been interpreted broadly by... (Ein Be…3 Replies
The progress was broadly based (Geschäftsergebnisse)Last post 31 Oct 18, 15:01
Hallo, liebe Leute,kann jemand helfen? Hier der Kontext: (mit "progress" ist das Unternehmen…2 Replies
ABC Ellipsoid Doppel-Scheinwerfer Kit für HD V-ROD - ABC ellipsoid double headlight kit for HD V-RodLast post 23 Jul 08, 14:42
ABC ellipsoid double headlight billet kit for HD V-Rod ABC 357 Magnum Bullet Style Gas handl…2 Replies

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