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Scheidewand, Wand, Stützgewebe, Mittelwand

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deviated nasal septumLast post 07 Mar 12, 06:10
was genau ist das? Ich hab gerade einen Kampf mit meiner Versicherung (bin in den USA). Ich …4 Replies
cardiac septum - die HerzscheidewandLast post 25 Feb 07, 10:19 The prime minister also ha…10 Replies
falseLast post 18 Jan 04, 00:48
Karp Schubert false Baran This is a genealogy question. (There was no "genealogy" category. …3 Replies
false reject / false acceptLast post 07 Dec 06, 08:53
The machine must accurately reject all detected defects. The false rejects should be 5% or …2 Replies
false-colored - FalschfarbenLast post 07 Nov 08, 20:35
wikipedia don't confuse with mis-colored which is not on purpose, but it is a synonym to ps…3 Replies
False friendsLast post 21 Aug 03, 09:34
Es würde mir gefallen, wenn wir auch die falschen Freunde sammeln, also Wörter, die in der F…6 Replies
False Website??Last post 06 Feb 05, 18:33
This is a long story, but I will try to make it as short as possible to get to my point: Som…7 Replies
false friendsLast post 12 Apr 05, 10:08
What exactly is meant by this term (idiomatically!) as I am never 100% sure? Are they Englis…40 Replies
false friends????Last post 31 Mar 06, 13:27
Ich hab mal ganz dringend ne Frage, die ich schon lange mit mir rumschleppe. Ich lebe seit f…34 Replies
false friendLast post 18 Aug 13, 20:17
Ich würde gerne dieses Wort übersetzen, kann mir jemand helfen?? danke6 Replies

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