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giant slalom - der RiesentorlaufLast post 15 Jan 08, 09:11
Giant slalom Also known as the GS. It is a similar version to the slalom, with fewer turns an2 Replies
giant show - die MonstreschauLast post 15 Mar 06, 16:48
Buchstabendreher.0 Replies
giant miscanthus [BOT.] - das ElephantengrasLast post 07 Oct 18, 20:40
Elefant wird mit f statt ph geschrieben.0 Replies
Riese / GiantLast post 02 Sep 05, 07:57
I know that giant in German is 'der Riese' but is it a weak male noun like 'der Junge' where…1 Replies
giant - RieseLast post 14 Mar 06, 20:09
Bartleby: One that is extraordinarily large and powerful: behemoth, Goliath, jumbo, leviatha…6 Replies
giant redwood - der Mammutbaum wiss.: Sequoia giganteaLast post 07 Jan 11, 17:30
http://www.ars-grin.gov/cgi-bin/npgs/html/taxon.pl?33713 Taxon: Sequoiadendron giganteum (Lin1 Replies
to slalom - zickzack fahrenLast post 12 Jul 09, 22:26
FOR a few minutes David Holland forgets about his work and screams like a kid on a roller co…6 Replies
giant Chinese silver grass [BOT.] - das ElephantengrasLast post 07 Oct 18, 20:39
Elefant wird mit f statt ph geschrieben.0 Replies
giant petrel - southern giant petrel - southern giant-petrel - Antarctic giant petrel - Antarctic giant-petrel - stinker - giant fulmar - nelly - nellie - Riesensturmvogel, m - Südlicher Riesensturmvogel, m (Macronectes giganteus)Last post 09 Sep 18, 12:46
giant petrel   [Vogelkunde] - Riesensturmvogel, m (Macronectes giganteus)southern giant petrel0 Replies
giant hogweed, giant cow parsnip - Herkulesstaude, Riesen-BärenklauLast post 29 Feb 04, 11:18
www.liberherbarum.com2 Replies