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lamella roof - LamellendachLast post 20 Jul 12, 16:01
The lamella-roof construction was used for the first two great covered sports stadiums in th…1 Replies
pore content - PorenanteilLast post 22 May 09, 20:17
The stone has big pore content/Terms for civil engineering2 Replies
to pore on sth. - über etw. grübelnLast post 13 Sep 10, 12:33
I am unfamiliar with "pore on" as an English idiom. Is it a wrong entry? Dialect or regional?2 Replies
pore areaLast post 26 Nov 08, 10:30
Increase in pore area, and not pore density, is the main determinant in the development of p…1 Replies
pore filling fluid - PorenwasserLast post 29 Aug 08, 08:43
?0 Replies
interventricular septum defect - der Kammerseptumsdefekt Last post 25 Feb 07, 13:14
ventricular septal defect [abbr. VSD]- der Kammerseptumdefekt [Abk.: KSD] ventricular septal…1 Replies
pore-pressure transientLast post 31 Oct 16, 00:33
But because the surface strains are dominated by pore-pressure changes in the shallow crust…0 Replies
atrial septum defect [abbr.: ASD] - der Vorhofseptumdefekt [Abk.: ASD]Last post 25 Feb 07, 13:23
ICD-10: Q21.1 \tAtrial septal defect http://www.who.int/classifications/apps/icd/icd10online1 Replies
to pop a poreLast post 14 Jan 10, 09:33
You wouldn't have to pop a pore to reach them. Kommt in Ally McBeal vor.1 Replies
Unterschied "size of pore" und "pore size"Last post 18 Jul 12, 09:14
Hallo, ich such den Unterschied zwischen "size of pore" und "pore size". Beides würde man al…1 Replies