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Orthographically similar words

cliche, clichéd, clinch Clinch


Formen von 'compound adjectives'
Compound adjectives bestehen aus zwei oder mehr Wörtern, die zusammen als Attribut meist ein Substantiv näher beschreiben. Typische Verbindungen sind: • Substantiv + Substantiv / A…

Forum discussions containing the search term

stereotype / clichéLast post 24 Aug 05, 16:27
Hello! What is the difference between a "stereotype" and a "cliché"? Thanks in advance, S…3 Replies
cliché - KlischeeLast post 20 Jan 12, 12:12
If you don't mend your ways, you run the risk of becoming (a) cliché. Context: Not doing so8 Replies
by clicheLast post 16 Oct 07, 22:34
the way a German by cliche would probably do it Hallo, was heißt das auf Deutsch? Danke4 Replies
hokey - kitschig; falsch; abgedroschen, banal, wie ein clichéLast post 16 Jul 05, 16:01
z. B. M-W "The Cider House Rules" opened beautifully and magically only to resort to contriv…1 Replies
cliche break up lineLast post 20 Aug 13, 20:29
This idea is categorized by that cliché break up line we hear all the time: Dieser Gedanke.…1 Replies
Can you say cliché?Last post 06 Nov 20, 11:09
"Right now I'm doing what I usually do, when I'm depressed: I'm watching my all-time favori…5 Replies
nicht dem Klischee entsprechen - not fitting the clichéLast post 11 Aug 10, 10:37
I might have cats and teddy bears but still don't fit the cliché of an embittered elder woma…4 Replies
You're such a clichéLast post 09 Sep 10, 14:02
Look at you, with your sic rows of 40 carat chains around your neck, the motorcycle and the …10 Replies
cliché - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Last post 21 Feb 12, 12:50
Gibt es eine andere Übersetzung von "cliché" als "Klischee"? Im obengenannten Roman ist in S…7 Replies
As the cliche goes, that dog won't hunt.Last post 29 Aug 15, 09:14
Am Ende einer Mitteilung; eine Metapher vermutlich. Danke.1 Replies