Possible base forms for "burrowing"

    burrow (Verb) 

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Burrowing Parrot - FelsensittichLast post 01 Mar 08, 02:25
Burrowing Parrots are highly gregarious colonial parrots. Two races are found in Argentina, …3 Replies
burrowing machineLast post 27 Mar 09, 06:42
An article in the herals tribune about tunnel building for chinese subways: They are buildi…1 Replies
burrowing snakeLast post 05 Apr 09, 21:20
Bolyeria multicarinata, a burrowing snake Ist das eine Felsen-oder Höhlenschlange? lG Dian…2 Replies
burrowing animalLast post 30 Jun 08, 18:20
saliva pushed forward by her tongue, which squirms compulsively, like some small burrowing a…3 Replies
burrowing rodentLast post 25 Nov 11, 18:50
Badgers have strong forefeet, which which they dig to get to the burrowing rodents and other…2 Replies
burrowing animalLast post 15 Jul 09, 10:13
A gopher is a small burrowing rodent. How could I " burrowing animal" and " burring rodent"…17 Replies
burrowing owl - der KaninchenkauzLast post 11 Aug 16, 15:25
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burrowing_owlThe burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia) is a small…5 Replies
masked shining parrot - masked shining-parrot - masked parrot - masked musk parrot - masked musk-parrot - yellow-breasted musk parrot - yellow-breasted shining parrot - yellow-breasted shining-parrot - Maskensittich, m (Prosopeia personata)Last post 11 Aug 19, 17:51
masked shining parrot - masked shining-parrot   [Vogelkunde] - Maskensittich, m (Prosopeia pers0 Replies
parrot shootingLast post 30 May 08, 13:02
..a knights’ tournament and a parrotshooting contest take place in... Es geht um eine Stadt i3 Replies
to parrotLast post 24 Nov 13, 06:18
No Parroting Please (Name of a blog: http://noparrotingplease.blogspot.com/) Vice President…10 Replies

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