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de + zentral
de + Kompression
de + blockieren
Relativsätze, die mit dem Infinitiv mit 'to' eingeleitet werden
Bei manchen Verben, die mit zwei Objekten verwendet werden, kann die Präposition to entfallen.

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ondulieren (DE) / to undulate (ENG)Last post 28 Jan 22, 13:34
Beide Begriffe sind hier vorhanden, werden aber seltsamerweise nicht als gegenseitige Überse…10 Replies
en -de: to get lost / to lose s.o.Last post 03 Apr 06, 15:23
...the D-minus, the tattoo, the broken curfew. You mean to say something, you mean to take t…2 Replies
Bank transfers from DE to UKLast post 07 Nov 11, 21:51
Does anybody know the cheapest way to transfer cash from a German bank account to a British …7 Replies
to de-fleshLast post 24 Apr 08, 21:39
All the skulls had cut marks indicating they had been de-fleshed in some kind of mortuary pr…3 Replies
to de-emphasizeLast post 15 Jul 10, 14:25
To prevent new nuclear powers from emerging, the U.S. must de-emphasize the utility of nucle…9 Replies
to de-stressLast post 10 Jun 07, 11:33
Ways to De-Stress Your Life. Live simply. Don't clutter up your life with too many things. …1 Replies
de-racinated - entwurzeltLast post 22 Sep 10, 14:08
de-racinated Main Entry: de·rac·i·nate Listen to the pronunciation of deracinate Pronun…3 Replies
to be de-selfishedLast post 03 Oct 08, 16:55
However, as I chose death to preserving my own agenda, my own choices, and desires, and hung…0 Replies
to de-mine - entminenLast post 10 Apr 09, 20:56
Cambodia is burdened with the legacy of decades of conflict; unexploded munitions - thought …2 Replies
to de-energize - abfallenLast post 28 Oct 08, 20:55
to de-energizeAE [elec.] to de-energiseBE also: de-energizeBE [elec.] \t abfallen, Relais…1 Replies

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